The spiritual life and the pure mind are one.

Namaste’ dear ones.

That is full. This is full.
This fullness has been projected from that fullness.
When this fullness merges in that fullness,
all that remains is fullness.


May we reflect. May we recite the peace chant. Always in our heart.

We will be speaking about discipline. I wish to welcome you all to receive knowledge, and a better understanding. May we come to know ourselves more clearly, thus come to understand all of humanity more readily.

In speaking to you of discipline, again we must speak of the mind when addressing the truth about discipline. Purifying the mind is an absolute must when following the spiritual path. There are many human beings who do not know the first thing about purifying the mind. They go on doing wrong without the first flinch, and with each wrong the heart grows more cold.

The comparison of the yogis mind to the eyeball is the greatest example. Viyasa reminds us that the cornea reacts immediately to even the tiniest speck of dust. The mind of a yogini reacts strongly to the slightest thing causing sorrow. One must have such a sensitive mind or the spiritual path is certain to be a hideous failure. The spiritual life and the pure mind are one.

Do not keep in the company of ones who claim to be leading a spiritual life, while living the pretense of such. You  must not believe the false proclamations of such ones.

Pure food equals a pure mind. Pure mind equals the memory of Truth. The memory of Truth equals freedom from all bonds. So it is taught in the Upanishads. Keep in mind pure food means everything that comes in contact with our senses. Remember, I have said to you, “What we eat is not speaking of just by the mouth alone, but also by the eyes, the ears, what we smell, and touch.” To just eat pure food by mouth will not serve us if we take impure foods through the other senses.

Everyone who professes to walk the spiritual path is in such a hurry to stake their claim amongst all the others who want to be seen as reverent. In so doing, The Truth is looked over in the clamoring of ignorance fighting for our prideful right to be seen as an aspirant. We seem to recognize just how much smut has gathered in the nooks and the crannies of our minds, and just how much sweeping needs to be done before we are successful on our spiritual path. This period of recognition, cleaning and remaining steadfastly focused, requires the utmost discipline. Much of the smut I am referring to is subtle and deep. Therefore, quite dangerous in the life of the True spiritual aspirant, I assure you of this.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



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