You must never take lightly the company that you keep.

You must never take lightly the company that you keep, and what you are conversing about. There cannot be idle talk, gossip, and untamed thoughts. Herein lies great impediment to the attainment of discipline for the spiritual aspirant. One must use absolute discrimination at all times. One must use discipline and stop the old patterns of wrong doing, and not desires for new ways to continue old habits in a covert way with new acquaintances. Thereby, living in denial. Ones whole spiritual life depends on this change. In so doing merit is accumulated to balance the demerit of having lived this existence.

All that one takes in, again the food we eat so to speak, is recorded exactly the way we have taken it in and is certain to rise up in the mind during sadhana. An undisciplined mind going along with wrong doings and evil impressions is a great danger to our spiritual life. Because these impressions become more imbedded and gain strength and therefore, are lasting.

You will realize at some point the definite need to be cautious of the food you partake in. That being the company you keep, the gossip you participate in, the conversations you indulge yourself in. You may believe there is no impression being made, but as you acquire more discipline and these impressions arise in you, you will see just how affected you are. This alone can bring about great fears. This can cause one to suppress the truths seen and continue ones path of an undisciplined mind dwelling in denial, or one may choose to discipline oneself and acknowledge these impressions. Look at the Truth, and with discrimination, and the use of sadhana disassociate with these patterns. This undoubtedly will result in a new way of viewing life, a change in attitude, and the making of new choices, and the company we keep, the food we partake in, you see.

When we are new at this discipline stuff, we may experiences lapses. The key is to be aware, remain conscious at all times, and accept the Truth of our lapses. Immediately weed out the wrong impressions that we took in.

Through steadfast discipline and absolute discrimination we will be aware of who we associate with, and what we speak of, listen to, and read. Purification and refinement of the whole being requires the utmost discipline no matter what yogic path we walk.


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