Our highest potentials rest within our chakra system.

We normally think of ourselves as a physical body and all the physical parts, and we often neglect to see ourselves as first the spiritual body. And this must be done in order for us to better understand the “I”, or how we became the physical body.

The subtle body system, otherwise known as the chakra system. Chakras are also referred to as wheels, or often referred to as pranic centers.

These centers of subtle energies are located along the spinal system and  they’re also referred to as the spiritual path itself.  This path defines the process of progressive transcendence of each human being to a higher consciousness. It is actually referred to as the blue print of the opening up of the mind, again referring to our highest potentials, and those potentials rest within this chakric system. It is impossible to explain this progressive movement into higher consciousness via logic or intellect. The process itself is known alogical. There is nothing logical or illogical about it. It has to do with the plight of the ancient reshes, saints, yogics, seers, and wise ones, to formulate the ascent into the higher states of consciousness.

The moment we try to verbally or diagrammatically convey the progressive movement into higher consciousness we immediately impose severe limitations.

Now, the chakras themselves have been known to people’s all over the world, and have been known throughout all of history by the illumined ones, or those we consider to be, what we call, psychic people. They’re not really confined to just one religion, not just Hindu religion, not just Buddhist. But there are even references to the chakric system, widely mentioned in the Christian, and Jewish religions or systems also. The people of long ago in the tribes, and societies in the ancient times were keenly aware of the chakras. One can only become aware of the chakras through their own experience. There can be ones who teach us all about the pranic energies, the flow, the movement, the progressive awakening of higher consciousness, however the understanding must come through our own experience. In the ancient times they didn’t need a formulated system or the actual symbolization of the chakras, because it was understood that the system itself was already within the being, and the being must, so to speak, unlock the knowledge of the chakric existence within. I would say to you that for the most part much of humanity considers the chakras to just be a part of ones imagination. In other words just some concepts that some people made up at some point and have passed on this belief system to others. The reality is, that first of all, the experiencing of the chakras as a subtle body system can not be put into concrete words and diagrams, but instead the words and the symbols can express the actual existence of the chakric system, but again the experience must be yours. The only way that can occur is through the awakening of the potentials of your own mind within your own self.



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