Commitment is a vow.

The most important commitment is the one we often pay the least homage to, Self mastery. Self-mastery is the loose knot at the end of the long mala of worldly commitments that we will only partially fulfill in a lifetime.

Commitment is the laying of a foundation, think of it that way. Commitment is a foundation. Without a foundation nothing, nothing can be accomplished. If the foundation is weak, then all else built on that foundation will be very difficult to sustain. In order to sustain a secure foundation it requires constant nurturance and attention. If part of the foundation is secure, and the other is not, there is always the risk of problems. For instance, a relationship cannot grow to its fullest potential without a firm foundation. A business deal cannot be settled and put into motion without a secure commitment. A building cannot safely sustain its inhabitants if there is a weakness in the foundation, the original commitment.

Business deals are made by people, and therefore, there are personal motives, unspoken agendas in the minds of each party. This leaves cracks and crevices in the foundation. And buildings, well, they’re made by lazy, weak-minded people. These type of people want quick end results. They want the most for nothing, without putting out too much effort. Relationships are exactly the same way. Are they not?

Because of our ever-changing societies commitments have come to have less validity. You see, it has come to be quite acceptable to form loose foundations in many circumstances, from marriages, relationships, business deals, religions, politics, to actual buildings. Marriages, well they have prenuptial agreements now. People refuse to closely bond with one another. Love, I believe is what it’s suppose to be about, or what it’s called. Business partners, well, they make loopholes so they can back out without loosing too much. Religions are formed, reformed, and reformed to the point where there is either just social gathering, and/or just groups of people coming together in the name of something. And they are often more secure in just being about self-help, self-help studies, self-help direction, books, how to get ahead in life.

Commitment always appears easy when there is a known tangible reward at the end.

Commitment, in its deepest understanding is a vow. A vow should not be broken. A vow should not be made loosely. A vow should uphold all that comes to fruition from the base of the commitment.



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