The power of suppression and oppression.

Suppression not fear based is not bad. It is certainly far from evil. Concealing in fear of retribution creates that cause and effect, or karmic bind, that will in turn need balancing at some later time. To suppress spiritual knowledge in the attempt of the assurance that it not fall into the grip of autocratic minds to be misused, is a practice the yogis have used since time immemorial.

Oppression is evil, anyway you look at it, overt, covert. It is a fear-based cowardice walk of survival, that is what it is. The disease of oppression can only be cured by love and knowledge, the two ingredients that together produce the only antidote, wisdom. Oppression cannot even be spoken of or taken lightly for its insidious roots have a stranglehold at the very core of humankind, choking the very vitality out of life itself. The very nature of oppression is to slowly suck the life force from its eyed vessel or vessels. Transforming the energy into a digestible gloom to be used as a breath of confusion when the time is perfect. How does all of this occur, you say. I say, often without a fight, or much resistance at all.

In order to understand what I’m saying to you I know that it would probably be best if we took the time to go over or discuss vulnerability, and the oppression of its innate presence. Innate vulnerability is first. The means is oppression. The end result is survival, but not simply stated survival. How the survival instinct is cultivated based on oppression, that’s what’s important here. So, the formula or equation of sorts for living the life for many people is in the end the banishment, the abolishment of vulnerability. For it is seen as the problem in the first place.

Look, the child soon learns this, “Had I not been so stupid as to be trusting then I would not be in this position,” whatever position they find themselves in that forces them to not be vulnerable. The child then goes on to think,
“I should have seen that. I was being stupid, vulnerable, and protecting myself”, feelings and physically, that is. So, now the devising of what is believed intelligence or smarts begins. Oh, and the price for this education is the loss of trust replaced with a heaping tablespoon of what I call, “survival alert programming.” That’s what I call it.

Modern society teaches, with a great emphasis, that there is no place for idealism, otherwise deemed as stupidity, vulnerability.

At this point I ask you, what is your definition of innocence? What is your definition of naiveté? They are different, you know. The former occurs in the beginning, the beginning of life that is. The latter is a choice, it is a choice made throughout a person’s lifetime. Perhaps some of you will be disagreeing with me right about now. I’m sure many do, that’s understandable. Both innocence and naiveté require acceptance, an acceptance each of a different nature. Where innocence is lost it is replaced with naiveté. Balance, you know balance, there is always the need for balance in human existence.

Listen to me carefully, the power of oppression can only wield itself where the belief in its existence being mightier, or as the saying goes, “Holier than thou”, is accepted, as it is orchestrating itself through the inhabitants of the human being. Did you hear me?



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