Depression is anger turned inward.

Anger, often or more than often we see anger as a very huge problem, a very big fault. Anger is actually, remember I’ve told you, the releasing of those pinned up feelings or energies. Anger is the icing on the cake of self-dissatisfaction, if you will. We are often told that we should not express negative energies. Do not get mad, do not yell, you know. We use, “turn the other cheek” in a wrong manner. There are more people walking the face of this earth with suppressed anger than there are ones who understand their anger and are working to overcome it. The actual driving force behind anger is a need for self-expression. Only, it’s being channeled into the wrong direction or a direction that doesn’t allow for proper self-expression. If we are suppressing anger for a very long time, one of the physical manifestations of suppressed anger is high blood pressure. Then, next we see things like heart attacks or diseases having to do with suppression. Suppression of anger is what we’re speaking of right now. You need to express the anger if at all possible. It’s not always something that we can do. Perhaps our circumstances won’t allow it at the moment. Well, you should not walk around feeling badly because your having anger. More so, I would say, feel badly if you don’t have a way to express it or an outlet for it. It’s better to allow it to come around than to allow it to transform itself into a disease within you.  Depression is anger turned inward.

Understand that your angry, know, I am angry, be aware of your anger. As your awareness of the anger in yourself grows you begin to see where you have displaced it, and where it is that you can express it. Then you will see that angry states will gradually dissipate in your life, and eventually disappear, you see.



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