Sex is a natural desire in a human beings.

All human beings have desires. This is another thing that we say, well, we should not have any desires. This comes about, we say in the yogic path, through a natural progression of understanding ourselves, our desires, where they come from, what we do to satisfy them, and we begin to see how the desires become less and less with a better understanding of ourselves in the world, and the world itself and how it is we relate, you see. However, just as I told you with anger, desires are necessary. Without desires we would not feel motivated to go beyond where we are now, you see. Desire is not a bad thing, but as I’ve told you before use what you have in order to go beyond it. Because everyone naturally has desires, then everyone cannot be all bad. People become very unhappy with themselves because they desire something. And they riddle themselves in guilt about what they want, what they wish they had.

I will take, for example, sexual desires. We have in our society such a misunderstanding, wrong moralistic code so to speak, about sex and what it is and how we should feel about wanting it or not wanting it or wishing we had it or whatever it is, you see. And we constantly are saying, suppress it, suppress it, suppress it. And this causes a great deal of unhappiness in most people. Because it is a natural desire in a human being. What we do with that, how we go about expressing it or satisfying that desire is what’s more important. The mental suppression of course leads itself to problems in the physical body. Malfunctioning of the sexual organ is the most prevalent one, you see.

Self acceptance, accept your desires, accept your emotions, accept who you are, the nature of yourself right now. Do not listen to or become narrow mindedly stuck in what others tell you is right and wrong. Accept where you are and who you are right now.

My Blessing to you all.



One comment on “Sex is a natural desire in a human beings.

  1. great wisdom and its really inspirational to accept my desire and prevent unhappiness. sexual desire are really a troublesome when your on the sacred path. thanks for showing us a good way 🙂

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