The discipline of silence.

One of the biggest obstacles to gaining discipline is over our feelings, our emotions. It is a fact that one who cannot control euphoria, or elated good feelings cannot control the on slot of depression, or bad feelings, and impulses either. This is a roller coaster many people ride with great intensity on a daily basis. Through discipline one may gain mastery over this obstacle, and live consciously and be definite in feelings, and control over emotions.

To have good feelings is essential to our health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Good experiences, good feelings are more beneficial if we retain them within ourselves. If we express them too frequently, with too much exuberance we lose the power of their presence within. It is these very goodnesses that move, push, drive us forward. Much like the steam used to power those old locomotives. These old machines were powered by the built up pressure of the steam, you see. If the steam were released then there would not be the necessary power to drive the engine and the locomotive, if the steam was released too soon. If it didn’t have the chance to build up, and therefore the engine would not budge the locomotive, you see, actually, we are much the same really.

The intense feelings we get, the beautiful ideas that arise when we are in holy company, or reading spiritual scripture, or experience through our own spiritual practices need be retained within us until the transformation of character takes place within. Just as I have told you that sitting for a while after meditation strengthens the mind and disciplines it to stay in constancy of peacefulness, and contentedness, this is the same thing.

In the west, western mindedness, western beliefs, we are so deluded into over indulgence of expressing ourselves. The effects of good feelings and experiences need to be absorbed until we are transformed beyond the experience itself. Do you understand? We are then eternally changed by the discipline of silence. Then we are able to relate with another these feelings and experiences with understanding and knowledge, intuitively.

I offer you my deepest blessings. The greatest love.




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