The true purpose of the sexual life

Most human beings are rechanneling the primal energy surges all the time. The rechanneling of the primal force is actually the impetus for some other occurrence in our life whether it be positive or negative, and we’re doing it all the time. If the primal energy can be redirected and used positively, then the human being can develop highly at the mental levels, and be quite creative. For human beings this redirection of the primal energy and positive use would be the emphasis toward a healthy sexuality in our human relationships.

Psychological theories and tantric insights do agree. They agree that the primal energy is the primary force in human emotions and emotional expression. They also agree that when denied it impairs the process of one’s natural life, thus it weakens, and it finally depletes our vitality, or the natural life force, prana. Our emotions are the manifestation of the primal energy which is simultaneously both sexual and spiritual. So, to suppress one’s sexuality is to then cause distortion of what I would say 99.9% of humanity considers to be their very essence, their sensitivity, their very ability to express their sensitivity emotionally, or to detect it in another. Spiritually speaking, the view of needing to express the emotions or needing another to know that we detect, and can therefore respond, as to avoid distortion is not enough. It is not enough to claim that we are balanced, no it’s not enough. The human being, at the spiritual level, must have a method of directing of the primal energy to the higher centers of our being. Now, here is the basic problem in our modern society: there is an enormous amount of psychological disease, enormous. There is a lot of guilt, a lot of pain, all pinned up with frustration. Why is it this way? Because humanity as a whole does not understand the true purpose of the sexual life with relation to our spiritual awakening. A precise understanding as to the nature and purpose of the primal force and a method of practice for its sublimation is what is needed. But hear me well, listen carefully: it will not, and could not, and is not the cure-all for all. Because even with precise understanding, even with the study, the teaching, the practice of method there are so many human beings out there who already have heavily distorted the teachings and the practices as to the Truth of Pure Tantracism, Tantra Yoga. There is no room for undisciplined indulgence in the study and the practice of the rechanneling of our pranic energies. In fact, I will tell you that this is a yogic path of disciplined sensitivity. It is through the understanding and the acceptance of one’s own human nature. It is the human being’s experiences that occur with clarity. It is one’s own awareness that becomes intensified, and the intelligence lifted into the higher energy centers that make one understand and see life’s purpose clearly. The person feels the human experience deeply. Freedom to truly be oneself is attained here when we are able to express these natural instincts in a spirituality oriented and healthy sane way.



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