Our greatest attachments is to the work we do.

One of our greatest attachments is to the work we do. Is it not? We believe we are disciplined to do the work when really we are like the horse, conditioned to follow the path of the job, because we are attached to the fruits. This carrot on the stick held out till Friday, the end of the work week. This creates an anxiousness in us throughout the other six days of the week. Perhaps, including the Friday up until the moment that the piece of paper, the pay check is in our hand, does it not? For one moment I ask you to think of all the attachments in your mind based on that piece of paper that you receive on Friday. You see, just how many attachments arose in your mind.

Now, consider looking differently for a moment at the job. As a spiritual aspirant, you understand that the purpose of work is to purify the mind. We’re just looking at it differently for a moment, and through discipline we recognize the fruits are not ours, not ours to hold on to, but they are The Mother. All the effort of the work week is done to cultivate discipline, and quiet the mind. I tell you this will bring about a better attitude, we will have much more faith in our purpose of work, and be more enthusiastic because we understand what we are doing for ourselves. Whether we work for the carrot or your god, we still get the piece of paper on Friday, but to hand the paper over to your god, symbolically speaking, means your work has become true Karma yoga.



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