You are not born a sinner.

We feel on the top of the world when all is well with us, and we profess loudly our love of our God. Well, I ask you, why are we so fickle to be so ignorant in our worship of our God as creator and preserver? But when we think of our God as destroyer we flee immediately. We have been seduced into God is all. However, our concept of destruction brings about loss in our mind, and we flee in the egos fear of annihilation. But I ask you, do we not also look to truth to destroy our ignorance, that we may bask in the light of The Mothers love?

God is Mother, She is the creator, the preserver, and destroyer.  Mother is dancing the lila (illusion) of creation, preservation, and destruction. It requires steadfast discipline to not fear death. Death and birth are the same for one who knows Mother to be all, all that there is to cling to. Give up that fear of duality, and cling to Her, and you will see for yourself that this what I say to you is so.

Mental anguish is far greater than physical pain. To suffer in fear is worse than being beaten. To live in the mental suffering of our ignorance because we do not know the Truth is unnecessary, it is self torturous. We fear less the beating, because mentally we are prepared for what’s coming.

In the spiritual life the aspirant may fear knowing The Truth, that’s understandable, at first, but, never the less they will not give up, they will not give up the fight to attain it, because discipline, faith, devotion, and strong mind, and body give them the balance to face it. Truth is not always a pleasantry. It too has its destructiveness, and we must be able to withstand the destructive forces as well as welcoming the pleasantness of it. The destructive aspects of Truth are what cremate all of our pettiness, our falsehood, worldly dream, hopes, and ideas. Most people are not willing to give these up, and cling to the false notion of, “what if.” What if what?

The truth is the truth. No one wants to pay the price of destruction for Self Realization. Is this not so? We have the means to know the truth. We have been given numerous methods to follow all the saints, their words. All the saints have spoken the same words in many ways for us to be able to attain the end result. We simply go on romanticizing the ideas, and put off till tomorrow what need be done today, now. Most people just talk about it, while clinging to their ignorant dreams of self aggrandizement in their petty little worlds, and they are quite adept at telling others how they need to change this, and that, and be better, meanwhile, living in the fear of destruction themselves. This is not a spiritual one.

To be a spiritual aspirant, living a life of discipline in the truthful sense one must do a lot of house cleaning, and rearranging of the cluttered mind that we keep. And then, one must not compromise. One must hold firm to the wheel of ones boat and weather the storm ahead. Keep the eye glued to the shore of Bliss. It’s not as distant as it seems. The spiritual life is not a place for undisciplined weak minds, whining, and groveling, poor me, I was born a sinner, will remain a sinner, and I’m going about myself the best I can. Wallowing away in self pity, because of the karmas that must be balanced, and the suffering that one has created for ones own self.



The bardo of This Life

Love IS The Key to The Truth of The Path WE walk. Pure Radiant Lite is BOTH Life Giving and Life Taking, the octave vibrating @ such an undetectable frequency due to the density of the ordinary human being; agitation, ego preservation, all instinct is rewarded by the cellular memory, survival mode kicks in, adrenaline rises. Fear, patriarchal mantra (vibration) demands separate, segregate, hate, conquer, annihilate. Command of ones Conscious Awareness is The Peace of KNOWING duality is in the imperceptible veil between  LOVE\fear. The Key unlocks The Sacred Geometric Code in ALL of Life.  Pure Radiant Lite in a realm of darkness makes the scattering verminous FEARFUL running for any vestiges of darkness. Well as the saying goes ,” U can run, BUT U CANNOT HIDE!!!    FEARLESS Ones heart\mind must be, as the long journey of choosing LOVE & TRUTH despite the oppressive, is an unwavering vibration that shatters the illusion that ALL is not as it appears. SPECIAL emphasis: HUMANITY  in which All DISTORTION of  TRUTH is held in place by FEAR. The tongue Giving and Taking is a W O M D…….. taking oppression without Truth, Giving Nuturance to ones path. The resonating vibration of Truth from the Yoga of One whose Lite is like a laser tongued sword 2 the fearful is Primordial. The symbols in your life R there to shatter the patterns of fear.  TRUST, BE VULNERABLE!!!  Thousands have trusted the guidance of This One, some no, but you have the Truth, swallow it or not.  

 Consciousness feeds Consciousness   You eat WHAT U R   U feed that which feeds U  Most people consume without discretion. This is not just about the belly of humanity eh? 

99.999999% of those whom confide their deepest-darkest 2 This One R suffering in the resonance of the vibration of ABUSE.

                      There is so much for U 2 remember if only U would accept U R U’r own enemy …

Emotions R U’r currency  U squander U’r wealth U allow others to control them thru U’r expectations…

Stories of Truth R a vulnerability most R unwilling 2 take on 4 fear of the gamut of emotional backlash.Truth is: pain, loss, grief, despair, R created off sprouts of FEAR thus the inevitable loss of  Love, easily quelled with stuff & things  OR We invite Pure Radiant Lite into our nervous system graciously accepting the effects of our intuitive involution ; resting peacefully in the chaos all around us, remembering we R in this world, but not necessarily of it.


Wake-up Womyn………………….

Reawakening womyn of their true nature, that being foremost instinct: which is far beyond endangerment but laps upon the shores of extinction from their consciousness. Therefore, womyn cannot mother especially the self, let alone another, a child perhaps. Detachment is the path of becoming whom you really are as a drop in the ocean and a unique individual, a sum of the Whole. You are not what others impose upon you through extraneous concepts and perceptions indoctrinated into the subtle veins of bloodline consciousness via patriarchal poison. The name of this poison is FEAR! A poison fueled by a conversional force called POWER OVER! 5,000+ years of attempted dominance over The Mother. Via literal torture, death, chronic nefarious continuously killing of Spirit even in womyn kind today. Ignorance, lonely, emotionally suffering, CRISIS eating you are the chosen hunted by carnivorous hunters TRAINED in RELEVANT TRUTH, his-story of creation.  father gods truth is the GREATEST heist, manipulation and worst makeover, for TRUTH can only be cloaked by those who are blind by will.

Evil is an obvious black smelly cloud in a room full of superficial perfumes and eye candy distraction of the penetrating presence of the poisonous gas of evil. While everyone becomes hypnotized with pretense, the conversional force of CHARISMA, the notion that it’s in every cell is the answer to your problems – as you are so tired and weary, evil will appear as your savior in need and you accept out of ignorance, pride and greed. Are you aware of the connection or interconnections of your natal chart and the planetary alignments, and its karmic effects in your life. Your natal chart is your life’s blue print which is changeable. You are in control of your manifest destiny FATE. Are you Consciously Aware of the choices you make, for in the end it is your fate which will reflect the character you lived.

Blessing to all the children and womyn of the world who suffer in the hands of………….


The mystery of life and death.

Last we discussed our limitations. After perhaps a brief understanding of what those might be, and how we’ve come to have those limitations. We may want to know what to do about them, or how to remove those limitations from us. That would be the choosing of awareness. Choosing awareness, this is the problem of all problems.

In the Hindu faith the pre-existence of the soul, or immortality of the soul is a common place belief, as it is with most religions, it is the most perplexing problem of humanity. Humanity struggles tremendously for the answers, the solution to this riddle of our intricate selves. It struggles to understand its own nature. It is the most demanding of seemingly unsolvable mysteries that we know of in the modern world. The mystery of life and death is a problem passed on through generations. Fortunately, there are a few souls who accept the transmigration of the soul, and attempt to unfold this mystery or problem of all problems through the means of Self Realization. Because of these souls then we have the answer to mystery of all mysteries. Unfortunately, few of us accept it, but those that do and steadfastly strive to solve it for themselves, may do so.

The Katha Upanishad says, “This Self cannot be seen through physical eyes. For it is without physical form, but it can be realized in the depths of the purified heart. Those who know it become immortal.” So, may we all make the effort to follow exactly in the footsteps of all the Great Ones. This is doable if we choose awareness over ignorance.

How many of us really bother to think of our existence beyond the biological explanation? Not many adults really do this, but not surprisingly, many children do. The questions of who am I, where do I come from, how have we been created, and what about all the created things around us, are some very important questions that cease to be asked by many adults.

The western concept of creation is the biological one. Interestingly, it is put into five stages, the process of fertilization, the stages of development, adulthood, senescence, and death the final stage, which ends the cycle of creation for the individual. According to biologists we as individuals come into being with all our characteristics formed through hereditary means. There is no mention of individual or personal immortality. Organisms which do not reproduce their species, of course ultimately cease to exist. Is this not what we’ve been taught throughout all of our years in schooling? Yes it is. Even those of us who may have attended parochial schooling, this is the definition of creation that we are given.

According to the Eastern spiritual teachers there is a distinctly differing view. They have taught that the physical life actually moves through a cycle of six stages, birth, existence, growth, transformation, decline, and destruction. Destruction simply means the death of the form of the body. Death means that the physical body ceases to exist, not the being. For the being goes on to continue on a subtler plane, closer to the original source, we say. After a short while then the soul takes another body. The soul is not destroyed. But the physical means continues on through a cycle of change.


Cultural, Societal, Religious, Political and Familial are limitations in our life.

What are our most common limitations? I’m sure that’s a question. It’s really quite simple. The cultural, societal, religious, political, familial, and of course the, what I would call hidden preexisting limitations of our prior lifetimes. We remain on the wheel of samsara seeking refuge in any given existence. Striving for survival with a minimal effort. Attempting to reside within our limitations. Creating what we believe to be a safe protective type realm. All the while creating a cocoon of unforeseeable darkness, otherwise known as ignorance. For even when we counter a limit we do so within the limitation of our own perceptions. That is, that something is being done to us that we cannot or will not tolerate, and we fight it with our limited knowledge, and understanding. Often wall ourselves in even more. I know a way out. Acceptance with non-cooperation, minus resistance. Acceptance of our limitations, and not cooperation with these limitations that keep us immobilized. And not resisting because that keeps us on the treadmill of those limitations. Do you understand?

If we are to transcend limitations of time and space, then we must be willing to acknowledge that, what we are unaware of is a fear, based in uncertainty of the unknown. We must acknowledge that nothing in life is certain accept death. And therefore, all paths leading to this one certainty need be explored and understood. This is truly a step to freeing ourselves from these patterns of limitation that I speak to you of.

In our moments between the comfortable certainty of a limitation and the movement toward the unknown is a vast wealth of knowledge that if will one can relax into and forever change the direction of thought in ones own mind to include and/or expand the constant reoccurring flow of limited concepts, beliefs, and perceptions.

We might even conclude here that this is a goal of human existence. That is to go beyond ourselves, and reach into the akash. For to do so lends us the peace of mind that there is nothing really threatening to annihilate us. For our very soul is immortal. Our very existence precludes that our every step in life is a mastering of some aspect of our life. However slow it might be, we do eventually exceed all limitations, eventually.

In my attempts to show you about these unfortunate realms of limitations that are lurking in the human mind. You know to challenge your own limitations is to compete within oneself, and not with each other for rightness, and the need to prove each other wrong, and the need to somehow force others to accept, and live by our limitations, because we are fearful of change. Do you understand that?

One must release oneself from the limitation of self-righteousness. It is not important that our opinions be heard and understood by another. Yet, it is for us to hear and understand, and come to accept the limitations of each other without imposing those limitations on one another in any way.

To transcend our karmic limits or limitations, and the ensuing limitations of our environment requires willingness, courage, which by the way, courage is strength of mind. That’s what courage really is. And it also requires most importantly, discipline. Discipline is easy to come by with a strong mind.

Now, that you have asked yourselves the questions about your own limitations and fears, and perhaps somehow come to acknowledge your environment, evaluate which ones that you have become dispassion about, if any. And which ones still direct the flow of your thought and action in your life to this moment. Which ones do you need to take action with in order to expand your mind, and to insure steps to a greater awareness within yourself, ultimately, a Self Conscious Awareness. This is beyond knowledge. Remember, wisdom is the means to truly living a peaceful existence. For with wisdom you are free of all limitation. You can live within the confines of the limitations of society, culture, politics if there is wisdom that is your guiding force. Then outside limitations have no meaning. But the limitation within oneself keeps one from living free.

Please accept the many blessings from This One to you.


Beliefs are formulated into opinions, and opinions are a trap.

The problems of race, color, creed, sexual preferences, chosen lifestyles. In America people pride themselves in that part of the national anthem that says, “land of the free.” But I suggest to you that perhaps it is limited, a limited freedom. As long as one lives within the limitations of continuously passing judgment, and limiting the freedom of others through prejudice means and conversional forces. Perhaps you may not agree.

Should we not be striving for the knowledge to understand each other, and break free of the binds of ignorance that pigeon-hole us into a narrow stream of truly insignificant opinions, when you consider the vastness of these innumerable limitations throughout all of humanity. Each and every set of limitations fighting to be right, to make all others wrong. The need to be right is a giant limitation known as none acceptance.

Imagine if we all lived according to the words we so unconsciously spew forward as our way of life. We are all Gods children. Some people say this differently such as, “we are all brothers and sisters”, but they don’t mean it, they don’t really mean it. What limits you, within yourself? All limitations are 100% based in fear. What limits you? Be kind to yourself, take the time to make a check list of your fears. Do you fear ridicule, so it holds you back from that which you most want to break free of. Do you fear abandonment, if you choose to break free of your limitations. So, therefore you live a life of frustration, and anger, and impetuous. Do you fear loss of love, if you openly accept anyone or anything beyond your preexisting self-imposed limitations. Yes, I said self-imposed, at this point.

As we become adults in the world, at some moment we are free to live our lives without the restricting imposition of limitations that were placed upon us environmentally, say from birth, and throughout the childhood. I’m not so certain that at some point in the lives of most, that they realize that they can free themselves of those self-imposed limitations also. You see, at that point we become free to expand our mind beyond the imposing limitations that we believe that we have been forced to live by. But the question here is important, how many of us really seek to go beyond ourselves, beyond our selves? Meaning, so that we are not just rotely going along under the thumb of limitations within ourselves. These limitations are directing our thoughts, our actions, our attitudes. Mostly, because the vast majority of humanity fears stepping out of themselves to explore life beyond their perceptions. Well we die, that’s a certainty. And we take these limitations, these perceptions, these fears, these ways with us into the next life in some pattern of thought. And we reenact them again, and again. Do you see? Beliefs are formulated into opinions, and opinions are a trap. And as you well know traps are limited. What traps you? Do you know that physical challenges are ultimately more acceptable to most human beings than challenging their own selves to go beyond these limitations that I speak to you of.


The very bases of human nature is Love. Love has no limitations.

The process of death and rebirth is a striving for balance. Often without our conscious awareness of course. I say to you, “why not accept this reality, and not waste one moment of any given lifetime.” Have you ever asked yourself, why am I willingly living within the confines of limitations of others opinions. Without realizing the truths of their origins. And without realizing the ultimate truth, which proceeds all limitations of the mind.

The very bases of human nature is love, and ultimate love has no limitations. If we truly live by the often spoken words, “Her will is my will.” Then we would find ourselves free of limitations. We would understand their origins. We would not pass judgment on another. There would not be a prejudice toward another’s aspect of life, and we would not feel the need to protect our belief systems. Perhaps then we could say, that limitations are the confines of others that we readily accept as our own. These are what I refer to as the belief systems that are instilled from birth. Somewhat like a set of so-called norms for us to live our life by. Now, we do need some structures. We do need discipline. However, these limitations, that I’m speaking to you of, are supposed to provide us with the structural foundation and guidelines to live by. And importantly you must recognize that these limitations are often not questioned. We are not to question them or test them. For even the answers as to their existence are limited to the usual, “this is how we believe, and this is how we have led our lives for generations.” We are expected to remain loyal to these limitations. They’re often imposed as though it is the only way to be, and any other way is wrong, unacceptable. We have personal example of these imposed limits. We have limits, fears that we have followed for many lifetimes. Patriarchal god has no limits. Yet, within these confines of limitations, limited belief systems patriarchal god has many forms. Love has no limitations. Yet, it is limited to who we love, how much we love them, and it is confined to when and where, and exactly whom that love can be given to, where it begins, and where it must in. I’m sure you understand this. How then do we change and go beyond our own accepted limitations? We do so by choosing to become aware. We do so by choosing consciousness over ignorance. To be conscious is beyond just data knowledge held. How do we do this? By expanding our minds beyond our limited selves.

There are some limits that are actually for our well-being. Perhaps they’re worth mentioning. For instance, religious concepts are often used as a means to impose war on one another. Either a war of debate between people, or an all out physical conflict surely to end in no conclusion with acceptance. There are no real winners. All insist that they are right according to their own limitations. The oppressors are always left still within their own limitations with the driving need to coerce the remaining living into their belief system or else. Or else what? Death.

Only hatred, which is severe limitation, would cause others to torture or kill all of those who do not accept their belief systems, or their limitations, basically. This battle of ignorance is alive and thriving today, as it has been for thousand of years, unfortunately. Now, if people feel this strongly about their own belief systems, sets of rules, limitation with which they live their life by, then it would be wise for all those individual involved who live within these limitations of generation and personal beliefs, to stay within the confines of the concepts that they choose, and remain within their boundaries personally, societal, religiously, culturally, politically. If it is that they feel so strongly this sense of right and wrong when it come to their religious affiliations, and others views, instead of creating a war at any level, due to their own inability to accept the view of another, they should stay within themselves. Why is it that we as human beings feel the need to force others to accept our limited view, our opinions, our sense of right and wrong, when there is such a diversity of limitations within the human realm. Do you understand?

There are many examples of this large-scale problem. The problems of race, color, creed, sexual preferences, chosen lifestyles. In America people pride themselves in that part of the national anthem that says, “land of the free.” But I suggest to you that perhaps it is limited, a limited freedom. As long as one lives within the limitations of continuously passing judgment, and limiting the freedom of others through prejudice means and conversional forces. Perhaps you may not agree.


Don’t be drawn into the power of ignorance.

The truly spiritual being feels deeply, so deeply, that the pain of others is felt more deeply than the one who owns the pain. This my dears is compassion, and this compassion is for all, even ones who are hateful, and violent in their thoughts, their speech, their actions. The spiritual being goes beyond themselves at a personal level, and will do all that can be done to help another, and do so with personal sacrifice. I do not mean this one will do such a thing in the worldly sense, for such a one is not interested in the selfishness of worldly interests.

To not be drawn into the power of ignorance requires knowledge. I have told you knowledge is power. One must remain in ones discipline of nonviolence, because one knows the truth when standing in the face of ignorance, and for doing this one must sacrifice a great deal. To not fall into hatred and revenge requires balance, faith in ones ideal, therefore, one must remain awake at all times. Ahimsa is a high ideal, and a weak mind will concede to egotism if one is not careful.   

Oh sure, there’s much written on nonviolence, many theories and concepts. Well, these theories and concepts are one thing but, the actual practice of it in one’s life is quite another. The Isavasya Upanishad states, “When one sees the Self in all people, and all people in the Self, then one hates no one.” 

Some people are too mushy, wavering in the discipline of ahimsa, nonviolence. They say, they refuse to hate or get angry. But let someone do an injustice to them or their loved ones, and see just how quickly they come undone. These people struggle hideously with the spiritual life. They say one thing, live another, and then in the end feel guilt for not living up to their words, and they seek revenge on those who made them come undone, you see, quite simple. There is no discipline in such a weak mind. I say to you, “There is a great deal of evil in this horrible place we call the world of humanity, and there is no room for mushiness in this spiritual life.”  Yet, attachment and hatred are the same, and the results of both are kindred. At times we may have to put up with one another, and seething do so. This is highly dangerous, for the mind clings to such times and saves it for later. This is a form of hoarding, is it not?

It is said, that the battlefield of our heart is the cremation ground of ego attachment, and all the impurities we have. As all the ugliness is burned up there, there is then one attachment worth clinging to, The Great Spirit, that’s all.


The more discipline on the Spiritual Path one has, the more one finds others are drawn to them.

Through discipline we come to realize our True Self. This Realization allows us to see Divine Mother everywhere, in everything, thus, we become more fearless. Fear of other human beings is a huge obstacle that most must overcome. This one worries what others will think of them. What does it matter? They will think what they choose, no matter what worries you have about such a thing. If the mind is disciplined, and you are therefore, certain of your chosen path, what does it matter what others think or say. Never ever compromise your principles, for it will surely affect the whole of your life.

One cannot give into weak-minded people, and forsake their spiritual life by wavering in doubt and fear. Sri Ramakrishna said that, “As long as the aspirant has shame, hatred, and fear that one will not make progress on the spiritual path.” Of course, this is Absolute Truth.

The more discipline on the spiritual path one has, the more one finds others are drawn to them, and one will see a change in others. Their attitude toward us will be different. I’m not saying that we need to try to change them to our way of being, however, we must remain balanced, and be a good person to them. To be selfless requires discipline and strength. I guarantee you others will pickup on that strength. They may not feel right about it at first, because often you know, perhaps you know from personal experience, we are often affronted by such strength. Much like the dog when they are confronted by a rival.

To be quiet when others are unjust to us requires discipline, and a very strong mind and heart. If we speak up about the unjust, which may be necessary, then we must remain balanced. Often remaining quietly disciplined allows the other one to see and feel the wrong that they have done. This is dignity, not arrogance for proving another wrong.

One of the most important, if not the most important, discipline to have is nonviolence. Nonviolence does not imply cowardice. A coward is not balanced, and definitely not strong-minded. For one to truly live a life of nonviolence requires strength, and endurance at its highest. It requires the purest love. There must therefore, be the complete abatement of hatred. When Sri Krishna told Arjuna to do his duty, which was to fight, Arjuna had to do this without hatred toward others. This requires the highest of discipline. I have told you hatred in and of itself is an attachment. In one who lives the spiritual life, hatred and aversion cannot exist.

One must never ever step on an others face to rise above. The human being must go beyond the law of survival for we have been given free will. We are not four-legged creatures. There is only one law to live by as a human being, and that is the law of Love.

My deepest love and blessings


Only Self Realization will grant us fearlessness.

Transformation of character takes place within with discipline and with experience through our own spiritual practices. With discipline transformation occurs in us. After we have been transformed and able to speak to another with understanding and true knowledge, we are then capable of benefiting humankind through our experience and transformation. It’s not like the so-called wounded healer who is very much still in the process of the effects of transformation, thus, capable of being a danger to another, you see. However, I say to you, most people are divulging their dreams, and experiences, and take great enjoyment with one another in the bantering of back and forth about these experiences, and feelings, not realizing this to be just as harmful as the relating of their sour feelings and emotions. I say to you that both can be just as bad. This is not living the spiritual life, quite the contrary. Understanding what has just been said, requires discipline, silence, reflection, concentration, absorption, and a strong will, self-control, ultimately.

True aspirants are disciplined, strong, and have self-control when it comes to their spiritual emotions. They appear cool, and often reserved on the outside, but have intensely deep feelings within. More often than not the worldly person sees this true aspirant as uncaring and indifferent, not so. I tell you it is ever so grand to have highly intense feelings, but to be the master of those feelings, be disciplined.

Fear is a great obstacle to discipline, and having the strong mind. Human beings waste a lot of energy in fear. Those who are bold and brazen, and appear so secure, are really quite fearful, and are certain beyond any doubt to blunder. Those who are in constant worry, and are afraid of all sorts of things are certain beyond any doubt to fail.

As we progress in life, especially on the spiritual path, there is always the potential danger of sliding and falling. But I ask you, need we live the nightmare of fears of failure with every step we take? Absolutely not. There is nothing about this-worldly existence that grants us security. Think about it, only Self Realization will grant us fearlessness, only true vision is our passage to fearlessness. In the Upanishads it says, “Fear is produced in the person whenever the person perceives duality.” Well, I would say that, that sums it up.