Do you want real freedom?

I would like to talk to you about freedom, moksha, liberation. Pratyahara, which is detachment, Pratyahara means that one must go beyond praise, and disparagement, beyond the I and you view of life. The mind must be detached from everything. It is attachments that lead to fears, doubt, and worry. Detachment need be practiced in waking and in falling a sleep. It is best ultimately, if one does not fall prey to the vacuum of the minds attachments. In order to do this, one must develop a strong will.

Listen, we as ordinary beings see ourselves as willing to do anything to insure our freedom. Of course, here we’re not speaking of spiritual freedom, we are speaking of what we deem as physical freedom, that is to think, do and say as we choose. This is all well and good, however, it is limited to ego. Nevertheless we will fight, literally, for this so-called freedom, and weather the struggles that come of it, including a prideful death, unfortunate not a death of pride, which would mean spiritual freedom.

At some time, all of us come to the cross-road of following worldly ideals, and taking up the path of spiritual ideals. This pivotal point in a person’s life is more of a struggle for some than it is for others. This conversion arises in one who has strong will, one who has come to recognize the endless struggles in life of scurrying after higher worldly ideals. Higher worldly ideals that say once met lead to further attachment, and constant dissatisfaction. To conquer the obstacles to a worldly ideal binds one to greed. One who has tired of this battle for more feels the compelling urge to aspire to a higher ideal, this is what leads one to conversion at the cross-road. There is an inner awareness urging the person to go beyond the worldly ideals, this is the beginning of spiritual aspiration.

The actual number of people who choose the inner path in search of higher ideals is few on all of Mother earth. Fewer still, is the number that continue the inner path, the in road leading to home. The home that so few claim as their original place of birth. Although, you may not want to hear it much, much less accept it, the spiritual life is for a very small few. The struggles along the path of obstacles are not easy. The obstacles are harder to conquer because, we have always accepted, what now is seen as a hindrance, as a part of us. We are much less willing to slay the obstacle or detach from the pride of being the conqueror, you see.


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