“All men and womyn are created equal”

In this awareness of higher ideals, no matter how unfamiliar it may seem to you at first, we must think constantly that we are of this very small few, and fight the battle against the enemy, ego. In our worldly aspirations we desire the bigger, the better, what I call the creme de la creme. So it is with the spiritual aspirant, perfection, this creme de la creme. Not so much to posses the perfect, as to remember ones true perfection beyond this imperfect world. Nothing is lasting in the search of the higher worldly attainments. Self Realization, freedom from all worldly attachment is forever, even while living the worldly existence.

The Great Mother always gives the child what the child needs to fulfill any desire. The child experiences pleasure through the enjoyment of the desires fulfilled. This attachment causes also pain, at the same time, for there is fear, a nagging worry that the object of desire maybe taken. But, when the child grows tired of its objects of desires or toys, objects of attachment, and becomes fed up, then we know the child is growing up, and the question is asked, “What am I doing? Where are am I going?” The Divine answer is that, you’ve been foolishly playing for so long, you are so entangled in your play objects, and you are suffering so because of it. It is at this moment, we have the opportunity to be free from this entanglement and seek wiser, better ways. Often this awareness is fleeting, and the child chooses to remain with the objects of desire. Basking in the illusion of satisfaction, all the while disgusted with the present state of feelings of being stuck, bound somehow, yet feeling comforted in this despair, and not seeking truth as the path of freedom. Think of it, freedom is our birth right, our original state. Sameness and equality at the spiritual plane, we have forgotten this. The One spirit dwells within all of us, however, we all differ physically, mentally, and in our tendencies, greatly.

In the American Declaration of Independence, I believe it states, “All men are created equal.” We are confused as to our rights due to our differences. Therefore, many people do not know what to do with their life, or how to be. Each being differs greatly from another in the worldly senses, and therefore, the individual view of freedom differs also.

Hindu teachings say, “Each person has their dharma or righteousness, this will place one on the path to The Divine, the road to freedom.” If each individual lives the law of being, which is the dharma, which integrates ones life with cosmic rhythms, we would live in unified spirit, with infinite manifestations, can you image. All beings would be unfolding their lives, free to do so, in tune with cosmic rhythms minus the confusion, and realize their ever-present freedom, which is within all of humanity. We are free and equal at the spiritual plane, in truth.



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