Western psychology thrives on the under mining hold it places on the client

One of the great secrets of western psychology is that, one can never be free of the basic conflicts in oneself. That’s right, western psychology thrives on the under mining hold it places on the client, simply by its view of complexes, and not there being any resolution to their existence. From the spiritual point of view however, we know this to be false perception based on concepts stemming from intellectual knowledge. I say, the process of deductionism, which comes to its finite results due to its lacking in the inclusion of the spiritual being, the conquering of inner conflicts, the attainment of awareness, the balancing of opposition, residing in truth. This has resulted in freedom for many whom we know to be enlightened.

This truth, this freedom remains unknown to modern western psychology. The western psychologist remains bound to keeping the client dependent in their confusion, their mental sickness, in order to make money. This dependency on one another cannot lead to freedom. The unfortunate reality is the one rendering service does not know the path to freedom, therefore, can only serve to help the client shift back and forth in their confusion on their life path, it is the blind leading the blind. Spiritual life and worldly life must be seen as the same.

To begin the doctor client relationship with the simple suggestion that individual consciousness is an expression of universal consciousness, would serve as a potential gap in the mind of the client. The momentary freedom to consider life cosmo-centrical, rather than egocentrically. Do you understand? One for just that moment in time has the seed of oneness, not all aloneness planted. The feeling of cosmic consciousness is introduced, freeing one from the constricting fears of separateness, and untouchability. This could be a great start, I’m thinking, for many who take up therapy. Because cosmic consciousness includes all forms of individual consciousness, for just that moment one experiences unity, in diversity, a connectedness with spirit. There is freedom in that moment of peace. There is the freedom of hope, perhaps inexperience by that client.



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