Indifference is the poison in the milk on the saucer of life.

I know that indifference is often termed as being neutral. However, I would say to you that neutrality, in its right definition, is actually more of an equality, an equanimity. I would say to you that there is a touch of indifference in the English language, for it often defines in order to suit the need, not truly explaining the subtle realities of the word. Indifference is the poison in the milk on the saucer of life that we all sup upon everyday of our lives. It is the very thing that kills off all of those with vision and answers to the mysteries of life. Indifference keeps the Truth benign. Benign by a haughty, frigid, appearing practical science, termed, “you must see it to believe it.” Even then, seeing is not necessarily believing, because the indifferent must be the performer of what is seen, for praise and glory is what it is after. Do you understand?

The fuel of indifference is generated from within the indifferent, but not the same as the fuel that generates from within one who has knowledge, true knowledge of life. To the indifferent, knowledge of the self and the knowledge of the Higher Self are very far apart. The road of indifference is linear in that, to the indifferent there is no other possible way to go about life except my way. All paths lead back to me and exist because of me, and anything that is in my path must be annihilated if it does not see things and life my way. Do you follow?

Feelings, emotions, and especially compromise, are not important to the indifferent. However, compromise displayed and performed in the vein of self-service, self-service being the end result, can be arranged quite easily by the vane, insolent being. I want you to think of that very carefully. Well, assassins are indifferent, are they not? Kings, presidents, even heads of organized world religions are indifferent, with the exception of perhaps a small handful of one or two. I said, “small hand.”

I see in a day many parents teetering on that edge of apathy and indifference to their very own children, especially when the child reaches the teen years, where of course, many difficulties arise, and loving guidance is much-needed and welcomed actually, if it’s provided in a truthful sincere way. Here is an example: the main problem at this juncture of life is the child is searching for individualization and feels the need to separate somehow. This is tried in various ways: deciding to do things more on their time, insisting their personal time is more important than family time or what the parents want, defying in different ways as to assert their will. All that is needed is love, understanding, compromise, and a lot of patient guidance. Instead, more often, they receive coldness, rejection, apathy, along with passive-aggressive dismissal of their woes.

Indifference is at the forefront of colleagues in the business world, where, I term the worker bees, the ones doing all the hard work, often will say something like, “Well, I have a problem and I don’t really think this is good the way this is going. Could we talk about it?” Inevitably department heads everywhere often return the answer of, “Well, these are the rules, and this is how it goes.” In other words, slamming the door, indifferent. This usually brings about a great deal of apathy amongst the worker bees. Do you follow? The worker bee, so to speak, is seeking a compromise of some sort. Those in position above them, in the hierarchy of the business world, remain frigid, even so far as to say to the worker bee, “You are free to seek employment elsewhere if you don’t like it here”, as if the hard-working person was not aware of that already. I’m certain that you can see the sarcasm in the act, let alone the words here. Do you not? I call it tuck-butt, indifference born of a long period of apathy with those department heads.


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