Indifference – All for me and me for me!

Indifference is oppressive, in that it must rule at all expense, even the expense of human life if need be. Indifference is the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and the U.S. stating its neutrality in the situation. Indifference is far from not knowing the rules. It actually requires a skillful knowledge of all the rules like on the chessboard of life. Indifference wants to make all the right moves, and of course bending any one of the rules to suit themselves or for self-service. Indifference cannot see any other way except being the one in power.

Now, be careful here, indifference can exhibit passion, but only for itself. Indifference says, “All for me and me for me.” War is indifference, steeped in the passion of “mine”. It’s complete vanity at its very core best. Indifference shuts out the needs and desires of the world with its dispassionate nature, and uses the world to serve itself. It is the very thing that Kali Yuga thrives on, this period of human existence, the dark age, the iron age. We should be aware of that, keenly aware. Nothing else matters, except being the one in power. What do you call it? One world order. The problem however, is that the pervasive indifference of many for each other, comes down to who will be the claimer of “mine, all mine.” What will be the claimed? Power. Power over whom, and what? I ask you this, because destruction is the path of the insolent, in its drive to be the one. Oh, there are plenty who fight against this thing called indifference. But the question is, what do they want in return? Compliance. Does that not make that one indifferent also? The saying goes, “You can’t get something for nothing”, and I suppose that’s quite true, but must that something be the killing of spirit or loss of character, and the submission of integrity?

Indifference can even make the love that we have for one another kill one another. A little story comes to mind. Once I was lecturing to an audience of people about the life, death, rebirth cycle. I spoke of each individual having particular proclivities that steer that individual in their path of life. In the lecture I brought forth an example of a person walking in the street, and seeing a person, disheveled or not, lying there in the street. I asked the audience, what would you do at that point? Well, the answer was unanimously frightening. The greatest upsurge of apathy arose, pleading for permission to be indifferent to the scene, so as to relieve the taking of responsibility for life. All of course, in the name of karma, that so misunderstood reality we term as a concept. Several in the audience were certain that they were correct. They spoke out, and they said, “We should keep going, right Swamiji? It’s their karma, and we should not interfere.” Now, the fear, the ignorance overwhelmingly disguised as respect for another, appeared as the moral right here. Unfortunately, what I saw, was that love was not the presence, for the illness of self-preservation was pervasive in their answer. Of course, I concluded, good judgment is necessary in all cases. That is absolutely to be understood, the having of good judgment. Even apathy is understandable, because it has an essence, a tiny breath, of the desire for change. But, indifference is impenetrable, and it cannot and should not be tolerated in ourselves as a person, as a society, or in human existence as a whole.

With the deepest love I say to you, “Succor unto Divine Mother, and Divine Mother will succor unto you.”

Many, many blessing to you all.

Deepest SHANTI


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