Only Self Realization will grant us fearlessness.

Transformation of character takes place within with discipline and with experience through our own spiritual practices. With discipline transformation occurs in us. After we have been transformed and able to speak to another with understanding and true knowledge, we are then capable of benefiting humankind through our experience and transformation. It’s not like the so-called wounded healer who is very much still in the process of the effects of transformation, thus, capable of being a danger to another, you see. However, I say to you, most people are divulging their dreams, and experiences, and take great enjoyment with one another in the bantering of back and forth about these experiences, and feelings, not realizing this to be just as harmful as the relating of their sour feelings and emotions. I say to you that both can be just as bad. This is not living the spiritual life, quite the contrary. Understanding what has just been said, requires discipline, silence, reflection, concentration, absorption, and a strong will, self-control, ultimately.

True aspirants are disciplined, strong, and have self-control when it comes to their spiritual emotions. They appear cool, and often reserved on the outside, but have intensely deep feelings within. More often than not the worldly person sees this true aspirant as uncaring and indifferent, not so. I tell you it is ever so grand to have highly intense feelings, but to be the master of those feelings, be disciplined.

Fear is a great obstacle to discipline, and having the strong mind. Human beings waste a lot of energy in fear. Those who are bold and brazen, and appear so secure, are really quite fearful, and are certain beyond any doubt to blunder. Those who are in constant worry, and are afraid of all sorts of things are certain beyond any doubt to fail.

As we progress in life, especially on the spiritual path, there is always the potential danger of sliding and falling. But I ask you, need we live the nightmare of fears of failure with every step we take? Absolutely not. There is nothing about this-worldly existence that grants us security. Think about it, only Self Realization will grant us fearlessness, only true vision is our passage to fearlessness. In the Upanishads it says, “Fear is produced in the person whenever the person perceives duality.” Well, I would say that, that sums it up.



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