Don’t be drawn into the power of ignorance.

The truly spiritual being feels deeply, so deeply, that the pain of others is felt more deeply than the one who owns the pain. This my dears is compassion, and this compassion is for all, even ones who are hateful, and violent in their thoughts, their speech, their actions. The spiritual being goes beyond themselves at a personal level, and will do all that can be done to help another, and do so with personal sacrifice. I do not mean this one will do such a thing in the worldly sense, for such a one is not interested in the selfishness of worldly interests.

To not be drawn into the power of ignorance requires knowledge. I have told you knowledge is power. One must remain in ones discipline of nonviolence, because one knows the truth when standing in the face of ignorance, and for doing this one must sacrifice a great deal. To not fall into hatred and revenge requires balance, faith in ones ideal, therefore, one must remain awake at all times. Ahimsa is a high ideal, and a weak mind will concede to egotism if one is not careful.   

Oh sure, there’s much written on nonviolence, many theories and concepts. Well, these theories and concepts are one thing but, the actual practice of it in one’s life is quite another. The Isavasya Upanishad states, “When one sees the Self in all people, and all people in the Self, then one hates no one.” 

Some people are too mushy, wavering in the discipline of ahimsa, nonviolence. They say, they refuse to hate or get angry. But let someone do an injustice to them or their loved ones, and see just how quickly they come undone. These people struggle hideously with the spiritual life. They say one thing, live another, and then in the end feel guilt for not living up to their words, and they seek revenge on those who made them come undone, you see, quite simple. There is no discipline in such a weak mind. I say to you, “There is a great deal of evil in this horrible place we call the world of humanity, and there is no room for mushiness in this spiritual life.”  Yet, attachment and hatred are the same, and the results of both are kindred. At times we may have to put up with one another, and seething do so. This is highly dangerous, for the mind clings to such times and saves it for later. This is a form of hoarding, is it not?

It is said, that the battlefield of our heart is the cremation ground of ego attachment, and all the impurities we have. As all the ugliness is burned up there, there is then one attachment worth clinging to, The Great Spirit, that’s all.



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