The very bases of human nature is Love. Love has no limitations.

The process of death and rebirth is a striving for balance. Often without our conscious awareness of course. I say to you, “why not accept this reality, and not waste one moment of any given lifetime.” Have you ever asked yourself, why am I willingly living within the confines of limitations of others opinions. Without realizing the truths of their origins. And without realizing the ultimate truth, which proceeds all limitations of the mind.

The very bases of human nature is love, and ultimate love has no limitations. If we truly live by the often spoken words, “Her will is my will.” Then we would find ourselves free of limitations. We would understand their origins. We would not pass judgment on another. There would not be a prejudice toward another’s aspect of life, and we would not feel the need to protect our belief systems. Perhaps then we could say, that limitations are the confines of others that we readily accept as our own. These are what I refer to as the belief systems that are instilled from birth. Somewhat like a set of so-called norms for us to live our life by. Now, we do need some structures. We do need discipline. However, these limitations, that I’m speaking to you of, are supposed to provide us with the structural foundation and guidelines to live by. And importantly you must recognize that these limitations are often not questioned. We are not to question them or test them. For even the answers as to their existence are limited to the usual, “this is how we believe, and this is how we have led our lives for generations.” We are expected to remain loyal to these limitations. They’re often imposed as though it is the only way to be, and any other way is wrong, unacceptable. We have personal example of these imposed limits. We have limits, fears that we have followed for many lifetimes. Patriarchal god has no limits. Yet, within these confines of limitations, limited belief systems patriarchal god has many forms. Love has no limitations. Yet, it is limited to who we love, how much we love them, and it is confined to when and where, and exactly whom that love can be given to, where it begins, and where it must in. I’m sure you understand this. How then do we change and go beyond our own accepted limitations? We do so by choosing to become aware. We do so by choosing consciousness over ignorance. To be conscious is beyond just data knowledge held. How do we do this? By expanding our minds beyond our limited selves.

There are some limits that are actually for our well-being. Perhaps they’re worth mentioning. For instance, religious concepts are often used as a means to impose war on one another. Either a war of debate between people, or an all out physical conflict surely to end in no conclusion with acceptance. There are no real winners. All insist that they are right according to their own limitations. The oppressors are always left still within their own limitations with the driving need to coerce the remaining living into their belief system or else. Or else what? Death.

Only hatred, which is severe limitation, would cause others to torture or kill all of those who do not accept their belief systems, or their limitations, basically. This battle of ignorance is alive and thriving today, as it has been for thousand of years, unfortunately. Now, if people feel this strongly about their own belief systems, sets of rules, limitation with which they live their life by, then it would be wise for all those individual involved who live within these limitations of generation and personal beliefs, to stay within the confines of the concepts that they choose, and remain within their boundaries personally, societal, religiously, culturally, politically. If it is that they feel so strongly this sense of right and wrong when it come to their religious affiliations, and others views, instead of creating a war at any level, due to their own inability to accept the view of another, they should stay within themselves. Why is it that we as human beings feel the need to force others to accept our limited view, our opinions, our sense of right and wrong, when there is such a diversity of limitations within the human realm. Do you understand?

There are many examples of this large-scale problem. The problems of race, color, creed, sexual preferences, chosen lifestyles. In America people pride themselves in that part of the national anthem that says, “land of the free.” But I suggest to you that perhaps it is limited, a limited freedom. As long as one lives within the limitations of continuously passing judgment, and limiting the freedom of others through prejudice means and conversional forces. Perhaps you may not agree.



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