Beliefs are formulated into opinions, and opinions are a trap.

The problems of race, color, creed, sexual preferences, chosen lifestyles. In America people pride themselves in that part of the national anthem that says, “land of the free.” But I suggest to you that perhaps it is limited, a limited freedom. As long as one lives within the limitations of continuously passing judgment, and limiting the freedom of others through prejudice means and conversional forces. Perhaps you may not agree.

Should we not be striving for the knowledge to understand each other, and break free of the binds of ignorance that pigeon-hole us into a narrow stream of truly insignificant opinions, when you consider the vastness of these innumerable limitations throughout all of humanity. Each and every set of limitations fighting to be right, to make all others wrong. The need to be right is a giant limitation known as none acceptance.

Imagine if we all lived according to the words we so unconsciously spew forward as our way of life. We are all Gods children. Some people say this differently such as, “we are all brothers and sisters”, but they don’t mean it, they don’t really mean it. What limits you, within yourself? All limitations are 100% based in fear. What limits you? Be kind to yourself, take the time to make a check list of your fears. Do you fear ridicule, so it holds you back from that which you most want to break free of. Do you fear abandonment, if you choose to break free of your limitations. So, therefore you live a life of frustration, and anger, and impetuous. Do you fear loss of love, if you openly accept anyone or anything beyond your preexisting self-imposed limitations. Yes, I said self-imposed, at this point.

As we become adults in the world, at some moment we are free to live our lives without the restricting imposition of limitations that were placed upon us environmentally, say from birth, and throughout the childhood. I’m not so certain that at some point in the lives of most, that they realize that they can free themselves of those self-imposed limitations also. You see, at that point we become free to expand our mind beyond the imposing limitations that we believe that we have been forced to live by. But the question here is important, how many of us really seek to go beyond ourselves, beyond our selves? Meaning, so that we are not just rotely going along under the thumb of limitations within ourselves. These limitations are directing our thoughts, our actions, our attitudes. Mostly, because the vast majority of humanity fears stepping out of themselves to explore life beyond their perceptions. Well we die, that’s a certainty. And we take these limitations, these perceptions, these fears, these ways with us into the next life in some pattern of thought. And we reenact them again, and again. Do you see? Beliefs are formulated into opinions, and opinions are a trap. And as you well know traps are limited. What traps you? Do you know that physical challenges are ultimately more acceptable to most human beings than challenging their own selves to go beyond these limitations that I speak to you of.


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