The mystery of life and death.

Last we discussed our limitations. After perhaps a brief understanding of what those might be, and how we’ve come to have those limitations. We may want to know what to do about them, or how to remove those limitations from us. That would be the choosing of awareness. Choosing awareness, this is the problem of all problems.

In the Hindu faith the pre-existence of the soul, or immortality of the soul is a common place belief, as it is with most religions, it is the most perplexing problem of humanity. Humanity struggles tremendously for the answers, the solution to this riddle of our intricate selves. It struggles to understand its own nature. It is the most demanding of seemingly unsolvable mysteries that we know of in the modern world. The mystery of life and death is a problem passed on through generations. Fortunately, there are a few souls who accept the transmigration of the soul, and attempt to unfold this mystery or problem of all problems through the means of Self Realization. Because of these souls then we have the answer to mystery of all mysteries. Unfortunately, few of us accept it, but those that do and steadfastly strive to solve it for themselves, may do so.

The Katha Upanishad says, “This Self cannot be seen through physical eyes. For it is without physical form, but it can be realized in the depths of the purified heart. Those who know it become immortal.” So, may we all make the effort to follow exactly in the footsteps of all the Great Ones. This is doable if we choose awareness over ignorance.

How many of us really bother to think of our existence beyond the biological explanation? Not many adults really do this, but not surprisingly, many children do. The questions of who am I, where do I come from, how have we been created, and what about all the created things around us, are some very important questions that cease to be asked by many adults.

The western concept of creation is the biological one. Interestingly, it is put into five stages, the process of fertilization, the stages of development, adulthood, senescence, and death the final stage, which ends the cycle of creation for the individual. According to biologists we as individuals come into being with all our characteristics formed through hereditary means. There is no mention of individual or personal immortality. Organisms which do not reproduce their species, of course ultimately cease to exist. Is this not what we’ve been taught throughout all of our years in schooling? Yes it is. Even those of us who may have attended parochial schooling, this is the definition of creation that we are given.

According to the Eastern spiritual teachers there is a distinctly differing view. They have taught that the physical life actually moves through a cycle of six stages, birth, existence, growth, transformation, decline, and destruction. Destruction simply means the death of the form of the body. Death means that the physical body ceases to exist, not the being. For the being goes on to continue on a subtler plane, closer to the original source, we say. After a short while then the soul takes another body. The soul is not destroyed. But the physical means continues on through a cycle of change.



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