Wake-up Womyn………………….

Reawakening womyn of their true nature, that being foremost instinct: which is far beyond endangerment but laps upon the shores of extinction from their consciousness. Therefore, womyn cannot mother especially the self, let alone another, a child perhaps. Detachment is the path of becoming whom you really are as a drop in the ocean and a unique individual, a sum of the Whole. You are not what others impose upon you through extraneous concepts and perceptions indoctrinated into the subtle veins of bloodline consciousness via patriarchal poison. The name of this poison is FEAR! A poison fueled by a conversional force called POWER OVER! 5,000+ years of attempted dominance over The Mother. Via literal torture, death, chronic nefarious continuously killing of Spirit even in womyn kind today. Ignorance, lonely, emotionally suffering, CRISIS eating you are the chosen hunted by carnivorous hunters TRAINED in RELEVANT TRUTH, his-story of creation.  father gods truth is the GREATEST heist, manipulation and worst makeover, for TRUTH can only be cloaked by those who are blind by will.

Evil is an obvious black smelly cloud in a room full of superficial perfumes and eye candy distraction of the penetrating presence of the poisonous gas of evil. While everyone becomes hypnotized with pretense, the conversional force of CHARISMA, the notion that it’s in every cell is the answer to your problems – as you are so tired and weary, evil will appear as your savior in need and you accept out of ignorance, pride and greed. Are you aware of the connection or interconnections of your natal chart and the planetary alignments, and its karmic effects in your life. Your natal chart is your life’s blue print which is changeable. You are in control of your manifest destiny FATE. Are you Consciously Aware of the choices you make, for in the end it is your fate which will reflect the character you lived.

Blessing to all the children and womyn of the world who suffer in the hands of………….



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