Feed the body, starve the soul. Feed the soul, feed the body less.

The pure state, love, truth, bliss, freedom, this is everyone’s birth right. It’s from whence we came, and where we will return. Be merciless with your ego, your mind, your senses, your emotions, and discipline them, they will surrender, they must, once they’ve been destroyed by truth. And after the storm comes the calm, and the clouds of ignorance are parted, and the light of Mothers love cools the final embers of the raging hells we have fought through to know the truth. She was there all the while, we were only dreaming. At last, the fire of truth burns in our heart. True love, which is pure beyond all the love we thought we knew, is rekindled. We were determined to reach the shore with strong mind, and a heart of blaze. We weathered the storm, and faced the destruction of our boat. Tired and weary surrendering on the shore at Her precious feet. In the coolness of Her presence She touches our eye revealing the kingdom of our origin. Free, we are home, we have found our heritage. Once again we vow to never stray so far away again.

Many complain to me saying, “I am doing the spiritual practices you gave me, japa, meditation, mantra, etc., but I am not going anywhere.” Well, that’s a good point, and we don’t like that, because, we feel that we should be moving in some direction somehow, and there is the feeling of being stationary, bored, or unsuccessful. My question to you is, when you sit for your practices, do you really free your mind of the worldly concerns, and surrender what untainted mind there is, to The Mother? No, and that’s the problem. The mind must be trained. One must have discipline, and spiritual mood needs to be created. Then as they say, you are going somewhere. The practice of ethic, morals, disciplines, work, regular spiritual practice, must be followed strictly, not impulsively. Imagine, if you did your job impulsively, then it would be sloppily done, and you would be fired. Oh, that doesn’t let some of us off, for some of us work for ourselves, and if that be so, then your business would be unsuccessful. In all yogic paths strict discipline is a must.

Patanjalis spelled out the eight disciplines that must be practiced systematically. An ordinary being is not capable of Self Realization immediately, that’s understood. Often people will say, “Why meditate?”, and I say, “Correct, why do so.” If the longing is not there, then one will not discipline oneself to do so. The longing comes first, and the desire to sit steadfastly, without wavering, will come eventually.

We have no problem feeding the body whatever it wants, or feeding the mind with all sorts of a sundries. Meanwhile, the soul is starving, emaciated. The soul is starving for love, peace, bliss. If we feed the soul true soul food, and fed the body less, and pure food, and the mind with soul nourishing ideas and studies, oh perhaps our boat would have smoother sailing across this ocean of existence, who knows, some do. By keeping Truly holy company, and being with those who are following the spiritual path avidly, this is good food for the body, the heart, the mind, and soul. Holy company tells us of the Truth, and teaches us by example. Others on the spiritual path share the same yearning that we do. Most of the company, that most of us keep, is constipating, and gives us indigestion, if that’s permissible to say.

We must discipline ourselves in spiritual practice without waiver. We must worship our Ideal with form, such a murti, an idol, or a symbol, or picture. We must practice the repetition of the Mothers name with japa, and constant thoughts of Her, and singing the praises of The Mother. Eventually, one will become absorbed in the presence of the Divine. One should not be so concerned with sadhana, actually. We are nama rupa, one with name and form. So it’s best if we worship The Mother first in the same way.



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