You are all more than what you perceive yourselves to be.

What about the Guru? Is it really necessary? Was it necessary to have someone teach you the A B C’s, or the trade with which you now earn a living? Unless one is born with Divine consciousness, and knows, and feels the Divine presence from early childhood, then the answer is, yes. We are all children, especially when it come to the spiritual life. When we go to school to learn the A B C’s, we are not doubting the teacher when they write on the board A, and say, “This is an A, and it is the first letter of our alphabet.” We say, “A”, and we write it in our best penmanship. Do we not? And we go even further each week with a different letter. Learning it, writing it, using it in our language, and eventually forming words, and reading with it, and we even experiment with our friends, and our family, and we begin to take notice that, these letters are everywhere. So, we see that the teacher has taught us well, and we have learned to master a much-needed teaching, the alphabet.

The spiritual teacher comes around and says, “You are all more than what you perceive yourselves to be. You are a soul in clothing in the body that you wear. You are Spirit, you are immortal.” And you say, “Oh, she read that somewhere, and it sounds beautiful, so she told me it. Well, I’ll test her. She must be mad. We can all see who we really are quite plainly.” Well, we should try and experiment also, like when we were young. Instead of our old discipline of needing to be right, being judgmental, and needing to be opposing, proving another wrong, making ourselves right. Why not instead question ourselves by first saying, “Is it true? Is there more to me than I can see?”

Why is it that so many take having a spiritual teacher as belittling, or frivolous, and walk the spiritual path remaining in doubt. Rather than questioning, and experimenting with themselves in order to know the truth for themselves.

There are no beings born perfect, not even saints. They too are born as human being, and must manifest their perfections, this is the truth of it. They must do the sadhanas to rest in their Divinity.

We are always frustrated because our real hunger is never satisfied. The hunger of the soul for true love, infinite love and Bliss. We try many ways of satisfying that constant hunger through worldly means. We haven’t enough discipline to silence the chatter of the untamed mind long enough to know what the right food is that would abate the nagging hunger.



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