Do YOU put your life in the hands of another?

By being responsible for ourselves, and not putting our life in the hands of another, by that I mean, realizing that every inhalation and exhalation of breath occurs exactly in accordance with our own state of mind; if our mind were in a balanced state, then our breaths would be calm and even. To be aware of our thoughts is to be conscious. To be conscious is to have the ability to take responsibility for our lives. If I told you that inertia is a preferred way of being over being responsible would you believe me? If I told you that people are willing give the responsibility for their existence to a whole host of strangers, would you be able to accept that Truth? Think of it, we place ourselves in the hands of doctors, lawyers, restaurant chefs, nurses, teachers, insurance companies, even a mortician at our time of death. There are others that we give responsibility to for our existence or depend on, but these particular people are the ones that we often give cart blanc to. We turn our entire well-being over to them, our happiness or our lack of happiness, our health, and even how we appear in our coffin after death. It is these people that we deem responsible for certain aspects of our life. If anything should go wrong, such as the doctor whose job it is to preserve life, say he cannot cure our physical disease, then the doctor is to blame for our deterioration. We blame them for not knowing sooner or not trying every possible mode of prevention. In hiring a lawyer, if our lawsuit does not come out in our favor or not exactly the way we expected, then the lawyer is to blame. Perhaps because he did not fight in our behalf hard enough. At which point we may even refuse to pay our bill because we find them irresponsible. We go out to eat, and perhaps every person has their own perception of how a particular dish featured on the menu should taste. We order it anyway, and inevitably the chef’s perception differs from ours. Now, we hold the chef responsible for not knowing how it is we think the dish should come out. We may do several things. We may send the food back, or we may eat the food and complain about it throughout the meal. We may even choose not to pay the bill even though there wasn’t really anything wrong, just that we hold the chef responsible for not knowing how we think the food should come out.

Lastly, we place the responsibility for our dead body’s looks on a makeup artist in the end of this physical existence. Why? So that our body can portray a projection of its conscious less remains as youthful, just appearing to be asleep. And what if our family doesn’t think we look good? Well, we have the mortician to blame, because our dead body doesn’t project the illusion that we want it to.

I know that some of this may sound insignificant, or you may not even agree with what’s being said to you. That’s OK. Wouldn’t it be better, there at that time of death, that we simply accept that we died and we are a lifeless vessel, rather than there being someone else there to make responsible for how we think we should look? These are just small, and gentle examples, and hopefully understandable examples that I’m offering to you.

What comes to your mind as you take the time right now to look into your own life with regard to responsibility. What comes to your mind? Take the time to make a mental or written list of what you gladly take responsibility for, and what you have difficulty taking responsibility for, along with what you refuse to accept responsibility for, and why.



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