To be aware is to be awake.

Pent up emotions are usually unleashed in angry outbursts, and violent means. Through the release of emotions one is one pointedly channeling energy, now, if this can be done destructively, it can also be done constructively. Emotional force is highly powerful in the human being. 99.9% of humanity is ruled by their emotions, that’s powerful! Now think of it, if one could harness, and concentrate, and channel all of that energy ones whole self could know peace and harmony. One must calm the emotions in order to quiet the mind. Bring the emotions into balance, and ones whole self-will quiet down.

Only if a person is devotionally inclined, is Bhakti Yoga the right path for their personality. How does one know this? If you have to ask yourself, am I devoted to something, then you know you’re not really having an object of devotion. If you feel devotion toward something, then you know there is no doubt your heart will answer as to the object of your devotion, Bhakti is for you.  Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of love and devotion. Ultimately, it is devotion to the Divine. It is devotion to the Divine in whatever form or non-form one chooses to worship the Divine in. In worship, one may direct ones devotion to Truth.

Sadhana is termed, the means to freedom. That is the freedom that is inherent in all beings. To be Self Realized, this freedom comes about through Self Knowledge, and the cultivation of non-attachment, dispassion. Karma Yoga is a means, a sadhana that can be practiced without Bhakti, however, if one practices the combination of both Karma yoga (union through action) and Bhakti the process of attaining moksha, freedom, is highly enhanced. The Bhagavad Gita teaches this quite implicitly.

Imagine one performing their worldly duties of work, renouncing their fruits of their labor through devotion, detachment, and the gaining of awareness. Thereby, the realization that all actions, thoughts, food, and so forth, are done for reasons outside of oneself. One is then dedicating all fruits, pleasure, praise to ones object of devotion, be it the Lord, Guru, or whatever is ones Ideal. This is not to say that there can be no enjoyment of what is reaped, this is simply the detachment from ego. One is able to realize one is not the doer, but the instrument of service. Think, “I am not, but it is the Divine energy that moves through this instrument and serves all.” As all of life is filled with Her Divine Presence in service of Self.

Awareness, detachment, and renunciation are the very essence of Karma Yoga. Combined with Bhakti this awareness is heightened through remembrance. If one is devoted to an object, then one is more likely in that awareness, never to forget it. To be aware is to be awake. When the Bhakta remembers their form of devotion, be it the Guru or ones chosen ideal, one is more awake, more aware in all lifes situations. The more intense ones devotion, the greater is ones awareness. In the Uddhava Gita, Krishna said, “Surrender all fruits of action to me, and maintain ceaseless remembrance of me.” I have told you countless time, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

May there be peace in your life.



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