Only human beings are capable of diminishing, killing the spirit of one another.

Life is sacred in every respect. Especially human life must I remind you again, we as human beings are the only living creatures with the ability to be consciously aware and to direct that awareness in any way we choose. Animals kill to eat. Human beings kill for power. Only human beings are capable of diminishing, killing the spirit of one another. Imagine for just a moment if the military of all countries suddenly refused to kill other living beings for their leaders, imagine what that would look like. Human beings are the only living creatures motivated with the belief that there is good purpose and arm themselves with viable intent to suppress, oppress and yes, murder the spirit, the vitality of another living soul, to say nothing of murdering the physical being. You see, it would be completely idiotic for us to assume that evil has only to do with murdering the physical body, the physical entity, I assure this is far, far from the truth. Evil requires the living in order to do its work. It must have a warm body, weak mind, closed heart and very importantly, the use and control of the emotions, which for most people run amuck. Some may argue that certain conditions such as depression, apathy appear to be lacking in these emotions yet we all know that people kill, commit suicide and horrific terrible things, in these states of depression and apathy. Even people who have remained in a state of catatonia for long periods of time due to some severe traumas perhaps in this life, have recovered from  the catatonic state, only to kill those perceived as a threat when the catatonic person re-emerges into the physical plane, you see, i.e., post traumatic stress syndrome. I cannot think of any argument that anyone could pose that would stand up to this truth and the truth is, that rampant, simply either suppressed, repressed; complicated this is to delineate into words for our purpose of understanding, but I assure you to truly recognize evil for what it is requires far more than acceptance of its’ presence “over there”, in them, away from us. Its’ insidious subtly is far more dangerous than its overt expressions of corporal murder, murder of the body. There are only two ways with which to approach what I call evilology. The first and foremost, of course, is with Love and the second from the imposturous mockery of evil itself posing in the name of scientific development for advancement of the human race, hence the need for rationalizing experimentations, data gathering, reductionism, resulting in a reasonable logical conclusion based of course on relevant evidence, in the empirical domain. Do not conclude here any aversion to science on my part, as it isn’t so. I was granted that little degree of clinical psychologist however, I must tell you I came across very, very few aspiring doctors to be, whom were even willing to spend ten, fifteen, minutes of their time with me in discussion of evil and hold on the DSM; I call it the book of labeling, for psychiatry and psychology, willing to examine the psychology of evil. We worked together for years, yet, even he was unwilling to reveal his thoughts and findings with our colleagues and I understand with good reason (according to mans morals) if he wanted clients and referrals, as I say, “mum is the word.” I’ve been told it’s “mums the word,” but my understanding of it is mum is the word as I say. A little humor, lighten up here, we’re simply studying.

To approach the psychology of evil with love requires that we see the human being as whole not as having separate parts not as having a manageable mental disease but otherwise healthy. Science, art, philosophy leads us to the knowledge of the nature of human beings, which is psychoneuroimmunology.  Now, I realize that this discussion may be more than disturbing even unacceptable to many however, in this lifetime alone my encounters with evil, which are numerous, speak for themselves with regards to the truth of the undisputable psychology of its presence and its workings in humanity. Love for all life is a must and until those who call themselves healers are willing to embrace the psychology of evil as the subjective fabric from which all other disease is woven from, of course the healthy origin of all is consciousness. The truth cannot bear witness to all the decline of human existence as owing to the psychology of evil. The human being has freewill, 99.9% untapped by most. Rare is the Conscious Being.

Blessing to all.



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