Chakra cleansing is more important than the body physical or brushing your teeth.

The reason that I have taken you through these various understandings at different levels is to show you that in fact all of them are stating that Divinity is within the human form. And it’s stating that each and every human being is symbolic or a reflection of something far greater than our logical concepts of what we see ourselves, or believe ourselves to be. The physical is but a small manifestation of the Greater Self. And it is our ignorance that stand between the unlimited Self and this limited self.

Lastly, I want to leave you with the fact that the chakras have actually been photographed. The movement of the prana, or the flow of the prana has actually, clearly been seen flowing along the particular pathways, or highways and byways, as I said earlier, within the body itself. This is known as Kirlian photography technique, that being a highly specialized, high frequency photographic technique. I have written a book on the chakric system and I will attempt to make it available to you at some point. Hopefully I have awakened or aroused a desire for a deeper understanding of yourself, and therefore a better understanding of each other, and our inner connectiveness.

You know, the ancient depiction of the chakra is that of a lotus. The lotus is the symbol representing each chakra, and each lotus depicts a particular chakra with a certain number of petals and a specific color. And when we reach the Sahasara, remember that it’s not really a chakra, then we see that all the colors and a thousand petals represent this level, meaning that it is limitless. It is understood that the human being must pass through three particular stages along their spiritual path in life: the first one being that of ignorance; the second one being that of taking action, or having aspirations, doing Sadhanas; and thirdly illumination, that of merging with the Light, Self-Realization. Referring back to the chakra depicted by a lotus we understand that the lotus exists in what? Mud and water. And it reaches into the air transcending mud, or Mooladhara chakra, and water, the Svadisthana chakra, moving or ascending progressively to the heavens. We see the mud as the ignorance. We see the water as having to do with the aspirations, or reaching, and of course we see the air as the Light, or the Illumination.

Now, I have left you with a great deal of symbology, and perhaps a little different understanding of the symbology that we see in all religions relating to the human being, and the human being’s plight on the spiritual path to Self-Realization. Don’t become too entrenched in the seriousness of all of this. Just allow yourself to soak in at the various levels of your consciousness all that’s been given to you. And allow yourself to expand your mind, and perhaps see yourself in a different way. Break through those barriers, those limitations of the concepts that we all get stuck in, and allow yourself to freely move about in your inner being. Explore yourself. Come to know The True Divine nature which you here on earth as merely a reflection of……

Namaste to all of you.

Many Shantis.


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