Self-mastery is the key to the door where freedom waits on the other side.

There can be named numerous reasons for this disease of apathy. A person, or persons, or societies may feel beaten down by the oppressive nature of another or a collective others. A weak will may be a reason. All fear-based shirking from taking the responsibility of one’s own life is apathetic. Self-mastery is the key to the door where freedom waits on the other side.

Laziness allows others to dominate the outcome of events, preventing us from knowing the peace and the joy of self-conscious awareness. This that I am speaking to you of, in itself, is an annihilation of a kind. This aggression that I spoke of earlier is the annihilation of fear.

Have you not seen apathy in animals? All of the animals in the San Diego Zoo live in apathy. All of the precious animals in Sea World live an apathetic life. Even we can see animals that people have as pets are many times apathetic. I’m sure you’ve seen such.

The majority of people in old folks’ homes are apathetic. They are not this way simply because their body has aged or that they have become older and in their final years of life, but they are this way because they are put aside like discarded goods, not loved, not cared about, but just cared for, not necessarily the caring for their spiritual self, but just merely the taking care of the body: cleaning up the excrement, making sure pills are given, making sure they look up to snuff when the guests arrive at Seven, so that there are no questions about what goes on in a day, which is not much, I can tell you. I’m sure many of them are very grateful in their own way for the few workers that truly do care about their well-being. I am certain that the animals in the Zoo and at Sea World are grateful for those few workers who do care about their well-being. Perhaps it makes their meager existence a little more tolerable when they can see in the face and feel in the hands one who is of a caring nature. I think I can say to you that it is somewhat soothing to their otherwise miserable existence.

Without a doubt most people have experienced apathy at some level in their lives. But, for the most who experience passing apathetic episodes it usually passes with the changing tide of their life. So, in that case they do not remain in an apathetic state. This usually occurs when we are sitting in the need to make a decision. And for most human beings, 99.9% of them, they prefer confusion rather than taking a stand as to what their deeper inner self knows they must do. No matter where that will take them. From that confused state most people will listen to the ego-bound direction because otherwise, to make a change would require some suffering and some movement of their life that they would otherwise not experience. Most people don’t want to experience that. They would rather stay in the unconscious suffering of living a miserable life of apathy than to face the fears. This is unfortunate, but true.

Bless you, many thousands of blessings that you would take the opportunity to grow, to break free of the binds you otherwise believed you could never rid yourself of. Never believe it. Always remember that the walk on the spiritual path is a movement upward and out of the limitations of the mind and the body.

Namaste my beloved.

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