If we are able to recognize our own limitations, we can more readily accept the faults in another in any relationship.

We cannot project our own desires onto another and expect that they will become such. This is what I call romancing, fantasizing. If two people marry or legitimize a relationship based on just merely the romantic affiliation, eventually the relationship turns into one of mere resignation and separateness. Why? Because disappointment arises in the wake of the reality. Reality that the personality of one another does not meet with our projected ideals and never will. Consequently, we begin the dance of separating at that point. How? Well, it’s very nasty, are you sure you want to know? By nit-picking. By exaggerating the faults of one another. We point out that each other does not meet our expectation of the ideal partner. Eventually, this will lead one, if not both to such a dissatisfaction that one, or both now begin to seek the way out, or worse, worse I say, usually one will choose resignation. One will succumb to the revulsion felt deep within. I have seen both live with that revulsion about one another and live it out, thirty, forty, or more years, yes indeed, yah.

It is true that we must build our relationships from a sound foundation. However, that foundation that I’m referring to must be one of first, first a self-awareness. In that, there is an acceptance of one’s own nature. I’m not saying you need to be enlightened. But, you need to know your faults, and you need to have befriended, if that’s all right to use, them at some level. We must be willing to compromise in all of our relationships. I don’t say compromise your integrity, but I did say, compromise where there are limitations. Because we are able to recognize our own limitations, therefore, we can more readily accept the faults in another in any relationship. There will always be difficulty in any relationship, simply because there are two unique individuals. However, what we find difficult to accept in another can be our greatest teacher because what we find difficult in another, helps to point out for us, where perhaps we have limitations, emotional blocks. Wherever there is resistance we must be willing to focus and find our own inner weakness. Perhaps the uncomfortableness or the frustrations that we confront repeatedly are simply begging us for our attention, so that we can grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through our own developmental process, beyond our own stagnation. Don’t hear me wrong. Not all relationships can last, I will say, through the faults, and I will even go so far to say to you, not all relationships should. If there are severe deviance, terrible perversions, deep distortions that are difficult to overcome, this may be a difficult place for the other to remain in, through change. I will even go so far as to tell you that some may never change, and perhaps the other should not live in this way. Both individuals need to ask the question, “What is it that I can learn from this particular situation?” Then shut up, that’s right, just shut up and listen. If, if we listen to our inner voice, oftentimes tiny insights will begin to emerge. This process can eventually free us of the limitations that we may otherwise never have seen, if the situation that we’re in had not repeatedly occurred. Do you follow me? Many times, unfortunately, in the course of counseling, so many couples over the years I find that the female is seeking and willing to change, and the male is stuck in the insisting limitation of not seeing the problem. We must be willing to surrender to the forces of transformation, period. To do this, to willingly transform our limitations, the relationship that we are in must be one, must be one of love, one of trust, recognition, acceptance, strength, attentiveness to one’s individual self, and to each other. We must have the knowledge of our personal, and the others virtues. We must have willingness to renounce our faults. Most importantly of all, the persons must be willing to break free of associating relationships with attachments, and they must develop detachment.



99.9% cannot see the difference between love and romance.

Here’s the problem: expectations, expectations of both the male and the female that are absolutely impossible demands to meet. I would say impossible demands to meet for an extended amount of time, without deviation either overtly or covertly. What do I mean by that? Well, often people come to me and they want their Guru, or the one who gives them personal counsel, to somehow tell them that this is the relationship for them. They come in with these, these glazed over eye looks. The person that they come in with has that glazed over eye look too. They want me to tell them that this is the one, and often that cannot be done in Truth, so I cannot say that. There is a romance going on yes, but, it is not a relationship that would be long-lived. That’s what I mean by the expectations of both of them being impossible demands for either or both to meet for an extended time without stepping out or back into, one’s nature. Do you follow me? The expectations, the demands are based on concepts that we integrate, or try to, into our own personal perceptions, and then we go out and we try to find the one who best fits the mold. Then we go all out, and we do everything in our power to win the prize, everything in our power, not short I tell you, of throwing out our morals, and stomping all over our integrity, and even so far as shifting the foundation of our character to suit the moment, oh yes! Some of you may know exactly what I’m talking about, and others of you may be shirking at the very reality of being in the throws of such a thing at this very moment. Some of you may be sitting there in sheer denial. One or two of you might be saying, “I don’t know if I even want to attempt this thing called relationship with another at that level.” We’re all in relationships of one kind or another, are we not? We have mothers, and fathers, and sisters, and brothers, and friends, aunts, uncles, bosses, coworkers, spouses, children. We are children, you see. There are many relationships, and this dance that I’m referring to goes on at many levels in all relationships. It is true.

Now, back to the stomping of our integrity and shifting the foundation of our character to suit the moment, this is all done for the sake of guaranteeing our security. Forget the fact that we are willing to forsake happiness for security. What we so easily forge, so easily, is after all is said and done, I do, she does, we will, till death do us part, forever and ever, amen, the whole thing, we always return to our nature. You see, the true personality begins to slip back into place, or to emerge out of this romancing glazed eyed perception. Oh I hear some of you laughing. Don’t take it all too seriously, just learn from it.

Now, the romance, or the chase I like to say, is over, and wah lah! You meet each other truly for the first time. Truly is the key word here. You see, relationships begin and proceed for numerous reasons, for various lengths of time with what I call a tally sheet: you do this for me, I’ll do that for you, you do these things, I’ll do these things. I tell people often when they come to me, “take your time.” I say to many people, “See if you are even friends.” There are sometimes a particular set of questions that I will ask as they, they’re steadfastly insisting that I bless this new relationship. “Just tell us you’ll marry us Swami, we’re so in love, we can never be apart again.” Well, most of the time pointing out at that moment that there is some type of a mutual dependency here doesn’t work. But, hopefully they will soon begin to see with crystal clarity that this is a romance, and a romance will end, and the reality of all that was said and done will definitely, as I say, slap them upside the head. You see, 99.9% of the female and males cannot see the difference between love and romance. Most people are desperately confused about the whole thing. Consequently, many relationships are founded on the illusion of love by two very disillusioned people, oh yah!

Love, love sees clearly. Love is all-accepting. Love has no expectations. Love is not limited to physical beauty, or attributes. Love is not limited to age or intelligence.


The marriage of two people, and spirituality are hand in hand.

Here on earth in the human condition we say, “Well the man does this”. But, then again, there is so much more to the relationship, the union of the two than just the physical body. It’s the subtle Truths that actually need more attention. We need to pay attention to the subtle Truths more. According to Tantra Yoga, the female is accepted wholeheartedly as the Guru. Now, you can see already just by that statement alone, how this would be a problem in our modern-day societies. But, I must say to you, is it not obvious that the male already accepts this reality at levels most will not admit to? Further than that, the female energy or person in their anger and resentment, aggressiveness has misused this Truth, that is so. Now, you might be asking right now, “What do you mean about the anger, and the resentment, the aggression?” I say to you, “Oh, most of the women in the world have a great deal of this anger and resentment at their forced submission, and at themselves for allowing such a thing.” I do hope I’m not confusing you.

Try to see this, this most beautiful view from the eye of love. The female is like the ocean tide, and the male is like the sandy shore, the sand being shaped and reshaped with the movement of the tide. Energy and matter we say, prakriti and purusha, Shakti and Shiva. Is that too subtle?

The marriage of two people, and spirituality are hand in hand. Now, I can say this, knowing that only those who are in self-conscious awareness, know this. Hear this, in ancient times marriage was for the purpose of spiritual attainments of the highest nature. Now, in modern-day times marriage and spiritual attainment, spirituality are separated, and happiness in union is a hope. I have women say to me often, “It’s a dream far off in the distance”. Yet, I also have those who are married, say that their dream fulfilled has come to a stagnation, rather than what they had hoped for, which was expansion, unfoldment into that ultimate love through inner growth based on that previously mentioned, emotional and mental development, finally attaining a happiness in physical union. Sometimes I have said to people, that it’s like the icing on the cake. If all else is in place, then that you will recognize as spiritual attainment. This is not the case in 99.9% of the relationships in this day, that I can promise you. You see, females and males marry or choose union, commitment, for very different reasons, separate in and of themselves.

Women may choose a marriage or a commitment, a union, to expand their mind, their emotions, and spirituality. Women have the tendency more to share and grow “together”, and interact with the other at all levels, not just physically. Whereas, males join in unions or marriages “to have”, I say “to have, to posses”, I’ll go so far as to say “to own”, to be assured that there is someone there for them, to take care of them, feed them, recognize them. They want to be done for. There is nothing wrong with that, because mostly the nature of the feminine is to do, is to care for. Of course, all of this that I am mentioning to you right now has been greatly distorted. It’s become greatly distorted.


Energies of male and female are not simply for the sole purpose of procreation.

Contrary to popular belief the relationship of male and female, or I like to say, of male energy and female energy, because I include all relationships, whether it simply be a man and a woman species, or a masculine and feminine energy somewhat of the same species. Now, some may not agree with me there, and that’s all right. I’m sure there are many people who would not agree with that, and there’s nothing I can do to change the perceptions of others if they wish to remain the same or where they are, and that’s not what I’m trying to do. I am however, insisting somewhat on being inclusive of all ways of viewing the male and female energies however, they may view themselves in the human species at this point, OK. So, as I started with, contrary to popular belief, those energies of male and female or energies of men and women are not simply for the sole purpose of procreation, and we need to understand that. We need to take a better look at that. The more spiritual the union is to the individuals in the relationship then the more highly evolved the interaction at these three levels that I’ve mentioned, emotional, mental, and physical are.

I will be weaving in and out of all relationships but, at times you will note that I am speaking specifically about the relationship at the marriage level, or we use the word, at the intimate level when there is a union between two people, or commitment between two people. The ultimate union is one in which the typical stereotyped female and male patterns of emoting, and thinking, and acting have been transcended. Where, in other words, the commonly accepted and played out roles of possessiveness and dependency have been neutralized, or I would prefer to say renounced.

The experience of complete fulfillment in a relationship requires the understanding of the nature of the female and male aspects, and I would say further, the ordinarily accepted aggression, submission roles. These so-called roles have no place, no purpose in a relationship. However, I will say to you at this point, that even though in western thinking the male energies in a relationship are considered to be the dominant, and the female are considered to be the submissive, I’m going to suggest to you now, just for the sake of expanding your consciousness hopefully, just a little bit, just hear me out, perhaps it is that we need to look at a better understanding of the female being somewhat, for lack of a better word, the leader, and the male as her medium. This, I am certain this is not clear, and maybe at this point more than half of you have shut down to the idea; but I am suggesting it, and I’ll leave it there for now. I realize that there may be some confusion, confusion due to the perceptions that most of us already have in place, and that’s understandable.

Throughout our life we are provided with basic concepts about life, and the ways of life, how to live life; and then we have also our own personal perceptions that we intertwine with those concepts, filter, absorb, release, distort, and try to make a life of it.

In the dance of sexual union, does not the male need and desire to be enticed into arousal, or action, or movement? And whom does the male rely on for such? All right, hopefully you’re still with me. In yoga, we say the reliance is on the Shakti, the female energy. We say that the female energy actually enters Shiva, or the male energy, consciousness, and awakens this consciousness. The female energy enters the male energy.


We must channel sex, sexuality and spirituality, this primal energy, solely for the purpose of our spiritual transformation.

The distortion of humanity comes in here with this underlying guilt that is so pervasive when we speak about sex and sexuality and spirituality. There is no need to deny and suppress what is a natural energy, a natural movement or flow of that vital energy. However, there is the need to release all the distortions of this energy, such as that guilt. Release all the distorted expressions of that energy. It is these distortions that actually create the division between the ordinary human being and one of expanded consciousness. We must use this vital energy, that I speak to you of reverently, appropriately, for it is the very energy that sustains us. We really, in spite of what we think and want to believe, we have little regard for this vital essence, for its very eternal presence is everywhere. I say, human beings run around looking to me as though they expect the vital energy, the primal energy to act in accordance with how the human being wants it to flow. Like they’re in charge of the energy itself, when in fact all I’ve just said to you is, it’s the driving force. We don’t know what we’re doing with it. The reality of all this is that we must channel this primal energy solely for the purpose of our spiritual transformation. Then and only then we have healthy, sane, loving relationships. When these kinds of relationships are created and sustained, and eventually we say in yoga, dissolved back into the loving heart of the Divine, then we take a new birth the primal forces pick up once again giving life to the body, hopefully devoid of the distortions.

I know that I mentioned distortions and I didn’t go very far into examples of that. But, I want you to realize that some of those distortions, let’s say in the female species, we might find that some of those distortions reveal themselves in ways of believing oneself to not be complete or OK. If there isn’t a mate or partner, something must be wrong with me. Then again, if there is a mate or partner, then the belief of the many things that we are told must be done in order to maintain or  sustain that relationship. Such as acting in a certain way, wearing certain clothing. A woman often, so many times, the belief is, “If I don’t dress up in this kind of clothing or in this way then the mate will not find me attractive, and seek another whom they find attractive.” These are some of the distortions that a women puts herself through, also, the woman believing that she has to lose her entire sense of self. However, that’s a distortion of the feminine principle. A woman’s natural sensuality, sexually and spiritually speaking, feels merging is important. A woman naturally wants to merge with the partner, but the distorted aspects of this come out to be a complete loss of one’s unique or individual self, which often, I would venture to say, always leads to ugliness, separateness, because of the need to find one’s unique individual nature once again, so to speak, and at its most distortion to divorce or actually going separate ways. There are many, I suppose, many example’s I could give you there.

With males those distortions come in the forms of always looking for perfection, or what one considers to be perfect physically. So, it more has to do, again, with what I have spoken of earlier, in the physical. It is very difficult for the male to delve into understanding and acceptance with the exception of wanting to be understood, and one’s male ways to be accepted. I know you may not agree with everything that I’m saying, and that’s OK. I’m telling you I know human nature, and this is how it is. Until one goes beyond those distortions, that is.

The need to caretake is a natural feminine need. The need to be taken care of is a natural need in the male. These are not bad together providing they are not distorted. The worst distortion that I can bring up is the male abusing their maleness to the point of abusing the female children, and the female allowing it, the mother allowing it, or the, yes the mother of the children allowing it. If the mother has a distorted sense of self already, sexually and spiritually speaking, then of course she would allow for the distorted male to act in that way for fear of loss, loneliness, no sense of self. Of course the male would do such a thing because of his own distortion, and female sexuality. I realize these may be graphic examples however, they are some of the biggest distortions in the forefront of modern society this day, right now. This I know.

I hope that this has been helpful at a level where it expands your mind or deepens your knowledge about yourself, and about this instinctive drive that just is, it’s there. I hope that it has helped in giving you a better understanding that, to deny is not the answer necessarily for everyone, because that suppression will lead to further distortions and problems. But, to overindulge is not the answer either, for this in itself has its distortions and further problems mentally.

My deepest blessings be with you in your plight to a better self understanding.


We all have passed through many births.

At times a true teacher who has knowledge of their past lives will speak openly of them to their disciples to teach them of this very Truth. Krishna told this to Arjuna, “Many of births I have passed through, and so have you. I know them all, you know them not.” Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am.” You see, it’s in this way that the Divine incarnations teach. They speak of this knowledge so as to be an example for others. This is how they walk through life’s drama as the expression of Ultimate Love, in service of all beings.

As human beings we blindly cling to our family tree with this extreme sense of loyalty. Why? Because we have forgotten that our soul is older than any bloodline. Perhaps we’ve become so fearful as to forget the only One worthy of our loyalty. That’s what I see.

Buddha was another example of one who had the knowledge of The Truth. Although, he never spoke openly as to claim to be a Divine incarnation. He did however, speak of moving through a series of awareness, and passing through many purifications in his many births, ultimately attaining enlightenment.

The great Sufi mystic Rumi wrote many poems regarding the knowledge of past existence. Sri Ramakrishna said, “I have seen Sat-Chit-Ananda come out of his sheath”, his body, and say, “I incarnate Myself in every age.” Up until the time of Ramakrishna, passing, his greatest disciple Vivekananda was still not convinced that the Supreme Spirit was manifest in him. Although, he had heard his master say so many times. Vivekananda was at his masters side during the time of his passing. And the thought came to Vivekananda, “if now when his body is about to drop I can hear him say that the Divine is born in him, then I would believe that he is truly God incarnate.” Immediately, the master turned and said, “Still not convinced, hey. He who was Rama, and he who was Krishna is now born as Ramakrishna in this body.” Vivekananda was ashamed for not believing him.

Most people are not readily convinced of the awareness’s of our masters. Why? Because it’s not fitting logically. We are all immortal. Simply because we do not have the awareness does not mean that it is not so. This Truth is not just limited to the illumined ones.

The soul identifies with the body purely for the sake of the preexisting desires. Now, in the case of us ordinary human beings when the awareness of the beautiful experience of dispassion occurs we to shed the karmas and go beyond samsara.

In our sufferings of ignorance we do not willing accept that the humans birth is a privilege, a given opportunity of attaining highest perfection and Ultimate Truth. We too are a manifestation of Divinity. Remember the analogy of a drop in the ocean is of the same ingredient as the ocean? Think about it. We are all aware of a freedom deep within us. We scramble around in the darkness of our ignorance in the belief that it is unattainable, this freedom, and we fight. We often fight all the wrong battles in fear of our certain death. The Atman is this freedom. When freed of the shackles of bodily attachment this freedom is realized through the faith, devotion, and meditation. We are all reflections of the same light. Shed your bondage for the awareness of this knowledge, this Truth.


Our wrong thoughts and emotions are the cause of most of our physical and mental ills.

We must recognize that we have to come to see ourselves much more clearly than we do in order to transcend the limitations, and we must of course begin with ourselves. Ignorance is the main cause of egotism, that’s important. We all have subtle impressions, proclivities, desires deeply buried within the depths of the unconscious self. These have a huge effect on our conscious existence. Do you understand? These samskaras exist in the subtle, the mental, and the emotional bodies. They are expressed through our physical bodies. To control the subconscious is to not allow the forces of the emotions and desires to manifest in the lower planes. Yet, we must express them in a higher plane so that we can purify them, sublimate them, and use them for the highest good of ourselves and all sentient beings.

Spiritually speaking, these tendencies must be used for the spiritual good of all. All habits and proclivities must be controlled at their roots, and returned to the casual state to be transcended. Our attachments and aversions stem from egotism. Egotism is born of ignorance. Knowledge of self alone will burn up the seeds. Then and only then will the soul be in the attainment of its original purity, free, peaceful.

In the Upanishads we are reminded that the mind of the human being alone is the cause of the human beings bondage. And the mind is also the human beings means to freedom. If the mind is attached to material object then one is in bondage. When one is freed from these attachments the soul is restored to its original purity, freedom. This freedom that I speak to you of is everyone’s birth right. Beyond all of our desires, our tendencies, urges, and passions the soul She desires true knowledge, immortal bliss. This desire that She has is fulfilled once one attains the highest spiritual experience, Sat-Chit-Ananda, pure consciousness, ultimate reality. Sat-Chit-Ananda is ever-present in all of us. It penetrates and permeates our individual consciousness, you see.

We have forgotten our spiritual nature because of the ignorance and egotism. Our minds and bodies are constantly affected by our wrong thoughts and emotions. If one is having a wrong attitude and high emotionalism, well these are born of ignorance, and this ignorance is the cause of much of our physical and mental ills. I am attempting to help you even desire to look at limitations within yourselves. These ills are preventable, they are preventable. What lies in our minds and our emotions is much more important as far as our well-being then what it is that we’re doing outwardly. Anyone can break free of ignorance. Providing that she or he is ready to give all of the complexity that she or he has formed in the mind, and thus in their worldly existence. Perhaps this is not believable to you, but then again you won’t know unless you completely try living in a different way.

If one cannot give up those complexities, then breaking free of ignorance will never happen, fake piety will not do, fake acceptance will not do. To breaking free of these limitations is without a doubt quite painful. Unless we dig out all of the deeply rooted samskaras there is no hope. We must be willing to truly purify ourselves before we can actually spiritual purify ourselves.


The Truth of all there is to be known lies within us.

Throughout time many westerners have not openly avowed their faith in reincarnation for fear of what the church may do to them. So, another age-old question in the denial of awareness that people for centuries have openly questioned is, if we had a past why do we not remember it. Oh, that in itself is a strong enough, or powerful enough question to hold anyone in check within the bondage’s of ignorance. It’s easy, if we had a past, then why do we not remember? Well, as you can see we do not remember because there is no past to remember, done. Denial at its best. It is not a good thing that we forget our past experiences I tell you. But, can you for one moment imagine if we could just pull together all the memories of just this life alone, suddenly, and just review the continuous mala of thought pattern? What do you think would become of us then? Can you imagine? Choose a year in your life and imagine suddenly and quickly, remembering all of what occurred in that year, just one year. We would undoubtedly go insane.

It is said that this is Mother Nature Herself seeing to it that we have this forgetfulness so that we may begin life new and fresh, new ideas, hope, new aspirations, yes. It is possible to have these memories. One must have strength of mind and body to do so, in order to survive the view.

Human beings, this always brings laughter to me, human beings are extremely inquisitive about such things as the past lives, and so forth. In the west we have a complete array, astrologer, palm reader, card reader, what do you call them, mediums, but with caution I remind you, this is not The Mother god speaking. And this is superstition. People generally prefer taking the shortcut through the use of these impostors. Rather than seeking direct communion with The Mother god. A person with a strong mind prefers the direct approach to these memories, over the, what do you say, false aid of another’s mere opinions and perceptions. Really that’s all it is.

It is through yogic discipline that one may come to remember past lives. The awareness that The Truth of all there is to be known lies within us is a good start. The great sage Patanjali said that, “By perceiving the impressions of his own mind, the yogi comes to have the knowledge of his past lives.” You see, by perceiving the impressions of ones own mind, perceiving, true perception not illusion. Yes, it is possible to revive these memories that I speak to you of, but the danger lies in the curiosity of it all. For this indicates a weak mind, and a weak mind with regard to past impressions coming to light, only leads to illusion.

Meditation is something that I have always stressed as the utmost importance for everyone. By meditating on our tendencies with a very pure mind, we may attain a glimpse of these memories of the past, and gain a better understanding of our present existence here and now. This can serve as a training ground for our future lives. Do you see how that goes?


Do you care???????

To continue speaking of choosing awareness. Origen was a great scholar of the early Christian times. He said, “The human mind is influenced now by good, now by evil. The causes of this, I suspect, to be more ancient than the corporal birth.” These truths were definitely against the doctrine of orthodox Christianity, and immediately suppressed by the Christian church. The council of Constantinople declared whoever shall support the mythical presentation of the pre-existence of the soul and the consequent wonderful opinion of its return, let him be anathema. Well, sounds familiar.

However, in spite of the organized church and its efforts to suppress this knowledge it certainly wasn’t done completely. But, they’ve done a good job thus far. It is only here in the modern times that we’ve come to see a little bend in the way things are being done in the orthodox church. Well, of course the small seemingly changes are done out of fear, as most things are in humanity. I don’t see that they’re truly done with any real sincere significance of acceptance.

In these small but significant examples that I’m trying to share with you about awareness, and choices to squelch it or not, there was one by the name of Bruno. Bruno believed in Divine Immanence. He believed in the immortality of the soul. For this he was imprisoned, tortured, and burnt at the stake. Yes, his body died, but he served to free philosophy from the bondage of theology. He served a great purpose by The Mothers will! This was a powerful message to all philosophers, and it served well to hush many of them, and so to speak, drive the doctrine of reincarnation underground.

The inquisition forced many to speak of this doctrine in secret. There is so much to share with you here with regards to awareness, and what has been done in the name of serving the people, protection of the people. From what? From the truth. But, the key point is that fear, in the oppressor, of losing power over others put fear in the people, and forced them to forget what they knew to be true. Hence, choosing ignorance over awareness assured the people, that human existence would continue through this conversional force, you see. Do you care?



A Soul who is free does not have evil tendencies, nor do they follow the moral codes set up by man. Pure heart and mind are This Ones nature. So, man made rules do not bind Her to man. Be careful here, I’m not speaking of being rebellious, or fighting the establishment. This one that I speak of, or these that have come that I speak to you of, are free from egoism, you see. It is ego that creates the knot in the heart, and causes the human being to have the complexes in their mind, mental ills and it makes the human being shrewd, and calculating, cold, and indifferent. It is the nature of ones ego that determines ones attitude toward all others. Did you know?

When one attains the highest consciousness, all the knots in the heart are cut, there are no doubt, there are no conflicts. One is able to see the Divinity everywhere and in all things. In the freed Soul there is no hatred. This is a complete impossibility in the common superficial human being, mostly concrete jungle dwellers, thinking in mega bite thots; not too deep really, rote.

In the Isavasya Upanishad it states, when The Wise One perceives all as not at all distinct from ones own self, and ones own self as the self of every being. One does not, by virtue of that perception, hate anyone. You see, the freed compassionate loving Soul has nothing but blessings to give to everyone. There are no boundaries to the love that this one gives. The freed Soul has only thoughts of the service and welfare of others. There is no fear that resides in this one. Most people live their lives like hunted animal, the hearts are always pounding in fear, because the heart is all knotted up. People rush around ducking, and hiding, and running as though they are prey under constant pursuit. Because of living the life this way, they miss out on all the beauty and experience in life. People do not live in peace. Not only do they live as if under constant pursuit, but they too are in constant pursuit, and 99.9% of the time living in fear. This driving force of fear determines all their thoughts and actions. People seem to keep themselves unhappy so they may chase after happiness, and live under the excitement of the misperception that when they obtain what is it they’re pursuing, then they will be the conqueror, just for the moment and not the conquered. But just like the rabbit in the mad hatter, they’re off and running again, quickly in fear, mumbling-bumbling. People tend to deem these people as courageous, as heroes, oh my goodness. Better to live a life free of fear, with the courage to know ones own nature through the inner pursuit of true peace and harmony, free from helplessness, and free from the ever changing environment of your conscious manifestation. The Spirit, unthwarted will persevere, and overcome the inner battle of ignorance, there is no doubt of that.

It’s 2012 people- evil is bred in institutions, criminals are running over the nation, what U call secrecy is really quite transparent if you dare LOOK!

people need to be truthlfully, graphically informed

unfearful truthsayers MUST stay vigilant, continue effortlessly dispelling the fog of the conversional force with Freely Expressed Idealistism

Obviously you are all numbed-dumb to the misogynistic tap root of patriarchal attempts to oppress the womyn-kind, however forgetting or even negating karma is the Law that many a fools balk at in self righteous indignation completely forgetting all things they have been and will be. It has nothing to do w\ what goes around comes around. Karma IS NOT about pay back It is BALANCE BALANCING the wealth in ones karmic account.


Compassionately, Kali Ma