The Law of karma produces two types of results.

The awareness of the transmigration of the soul is understood to be but a part of the law of karma. You see, karma not only means actions of the physical and mind, but reaction of the mind to the external stimuli around us also. Let us not forget this, whatever forces are generated by these actions, be they good or bad, are the consequences that ultimately effect the doer. This is the law of causation. This is known as the mortal law, which individually and collectively guide the destinies of the individual and all societies. Every action produces two types of results. Cosmic, this determines our future experiences, such as happiness or miseries. And the other is the individual karmic effect. Each of these actions that I speak to you of leaves behind an impression of the mind. Otherwise known as a samskara. There are literally thousands of these samskaras stored in the mind, which get activated later on, again, as our tendencies. Do you understand?

These are subtle impressions that will take us into the next birth, or into future births. Through self analyses we find that a great many of these impressions originated in our childhood. Particular experiences that we have in childhood leave deep impressions\ scares in the mind. As we are growing we find that there is a vast amount of pictures and ideas in our minds. Now, this reenactment of memories is like the tape on rewind, and we easily forget the source of these memories. It is through introspection and awareness that we can trace back to birth, infancy, early childhood, and even to our previous births. If we analysis our dreams then we find a vast amount of details about our past. Often these detail are pointing directly to previous lives, that’s right.

In the law of karma, we are aware of this law having two aspects. That is the binding aspect, and the freeing aspect. If karma is done with egoism and attachment it binds the soul. When we relive our sense enjoyments, we bind the previous impressions stronger, and this pulls us down, down into the plane of birth and death, you see. However, if karmas are done without attachment, as in say, a service to the Divine or for the benefit of other, this leads us to liberation of the soul. Simple eh, so now we know which way go and what to do.

This detachment, that I speak to you of, is done either through constant awareness and self analyses, or self surrender to the Divine, Bhakti Yoga. When we do karma in this way we do not create new impressions in the mind, and the old impressions do not gain strength. Eventually, all of the old impressions of the mind have then no hold on us. This is known as purification of mind. This is done through karma. This karma is not bad. It’s more how we go about this process that determines whether the karma binds us or not. It’s not necessarily what you do, it’s how you’ve done or how you do it. Now, all the eastern philosophies accept this law of karma, whether they are theistic or not.



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