Be Fearless You are Never Alone even though You may Stand Alone the 1% R cowards in legions

At this very moment, I say to you, evil people consider themselves stainless and incapable of having the stain of ignorance or what some people call sin. Let alone the word imperfection. The degree of pride required for this stance in their existence is huge, multitudinous in its levels and depth. I must also tell you that the evil person will use work of maintaining confusion in the heart and mind of another whilst further deepening the facade of self-deception, of arrogantly, hungrily, eating away at its host, do you understand? Remember, evil needs a warm body, a weak mind and a highly emotional laden heart. It does better with a closed heart by the way. It thrives more greatly. It’s easily seen in one who will not give love. Oh, they may appear that they want it. But, this is again only one of those niches in that huge sword of deceit. It’s a way of luring its prey closer, be careful, don’t be afraid, just learn.

Ignorance can be over come by the use of our free will to change, grow, develop understanding, gain knowledge, and heighten awareness. One of the worst aspects of ignorance is of course, laziness. Ignorance is what keeps us separate from one another, more importantly separate from our own true self. Love is the key, truth is the answer, but there comes a point when even love is powerless to a soul whose master is evil. The key does not work in the door of the heart of that person, so to speak. You have all heard me say that love can over come anything, but love without truth now there can be some weak points there that you must realize. Because for that soul who is evil, love has no value, no place, beyond the door of that one’s heart is a cold hard hell, which the key of love cannot penetrate. The path of truth where the answers lie cannot be tread. As with any state of being this cold hard hell is a choice of existence made by the individual person, themselves, that’s right. I am certain that you, some of you may not like that, because we immediately jump to the emotionalism, huh, who would choose to be so vile. Well my dears again I caution you, do not be fooled by the dangers lurking all around you in the presence of evil.

I’m not trying to frighten you, simply trying to educate you. To that which you perhaps have refused to accept as an education, a part of a very vital place of growth in every ones life. Oh, we think it’s so important to get the degree, it’s so important to know our work. But, we forget that the presence of evil is so paramount and so immobilizing and we refuse to accept that it could even touch us, us a very good person, who wants only the good for everyone, including ourselves, be careful. Yes, evil is a choice, a choice long cultivated over time. No one put them in that place of evil personality, least of all God. Yes, that’s right. Ones’ free will has been used to divorce themselves from God, to separate, to denounce the truth. For this person of evil, love is so repulsive it is now a rival to be conquered, to be killed at all cost. Love and truth are loathsome to the evil person. Loathsome, because even though this individual may capture glimpses of their own wrong doings, the laziness turned now to complete inertia has occurred over time, lifetimes, and to remove oneself from this cold hellish state requires enormous effort, great enormous effort. Now we all know what that means, great enormous effort can be what; tiring, bothersome, and they refuse, they refuse, why? Very easy, because changes as we all know from our own individual experience is painful. Now, this brings me to remind you of the teachings that some of you have taken on, what I call adaptability, and adaptability can most often be the fertile ground for evil to put down roots, do you understand? Because adaptability often requires laziness, oh, you may say along with many others, to be adaptable is a wonderful thing. I’m not so sure I can agree with you, I do not totally agree, for in Yoga we say, live in the world but not of it, which means evil is all around you but you do not have to become it. I don’t know that I would purely call that adaptability as much as acceptance.

SEE no EVIL HEAR no EVIL SPEAK not the Truth of the EVIL in U’r face!? Instead, so much of this cyber communication is mindless escapism under the auspices of “sharing” & advertizing, chat rooms, photo challenges… like cows on the path nose 2 butt!!! Parents of hypocrisy bring out the obstinacy in the IP the natural repulsion can set them free.  Stay humble Humility nurtures compassion,compassion is needed for understanding, understanding reaches beyond intellect. In this Mercury retrograde contemplation was key. Girls\Parents who KNOW this PREDATOR of which This One speaks have U told anyone YET how HE TOUCHED YOUR little GIRL butt cheeks!???… or DENIAL, the flood in human consciousness convinced U to not allow your girls over to visit the 15-year-old catholic school friend HIS daughter & let it go? Speak no EVIL TRUTH? After all he’s a “nice” guy community involved business hook…Shell gas stations is it? Playing  w\fire U say it is the Tantric Way Burn up the lipstick & rouge you’ll find THEY BOTH come from New Orleans Louisiana. East coast vultures leave The middle one alone  SPEAK TO THE CRONE What R U waiting 4?  She is not alone Should a PREDATOR be able to vote or carry a card that helps them stand out that innocent ones can take note!???!



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