Jesus was a Bhakta

Sin is defined as “to miss the mark”,  ignorance is defined as “darkness”, Both the cult of the masculine conversional force of evangelical christian soldiers made up of legions(only evil comes in this form) of men & woMEN  of traditional dogmatic recruits in the serial killer mindset of effacement of Love in those who reflect the lite of truth. So FEARFUL is mankind of one another forgetting their man Jesus was fearless not white and AHIMSA by nature.  This beautiful Sunday morn beckons one read deuteronomy (that would B bible ) 19-4 20:1-20 w\understanding is the contraindication to U the 99% striving for unity. No man\womyn  would want say… chapter 14 to affect THEIR family but they have gods o.k. to assault\assassinate complete strangers cuz the can!!!? This is also convenient for mormons 21-6 10-23 Finally how ’bout 22 verse 5 homophobia @ it’s best, but particularly humorous the pope wears the robes of a Priestess as does the rest of his flock.

Forgive all ignorant hypocrites Great Spirit, their egos have the best of them they know not Truth, even tho they know that which they do. This one says to U All wemyn take in 6-12:1-32, how ’bout B-commands concerning FALSE PROPHETS (meaning The Priestesses, Shamans, Mystics, basically ANY TRUE visionary who could point out the conversional force of a tyranny committed and to this day held up in a collective consciousness based in THE SIN of OMISSION) the command concerning THE CENTRAL SANCTUARY 2-5 especially. Silence of these written literal beliefs U should not believe to B of any notions of the Bhakta Jesus LOVE LOVE LOVE unplugged,insincere expressions,a deafening silence,conditioned this is what killed him(his spirit, in realization of human ignorance greed willing to coral, compete, conquer) Somewhat like George W. Bush. The Undisputed Truth song “smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks w\in”.  This Ones ONLY tryin’ ta’ school ya’!!! Make that change you’ve been afraid to make there are NO mistakes…

All R the child of The Great Mother; once a child asked me “will U please make me not lie anymore?” assuring her if she is willing it will B done, but as humans it is an instinct, first chakra survival mechanism awake and running amuck under pretense of FALSE protection of ego self and mass ego self-consciousness.  Question: Out of the seven seals (Chakras) mentioned in the book of Revelations @ what seal is the consciousness of humanity NOW? Be careful, a little knowledge about many things make  for a dangerous encounter. Absolute Satya!!!



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