Freedom from YOUR ignorance and the tamasic collective relevant truth

In the Bhagavad Gita 16th chapter, two kinds of human beings are discussed there. Those endowed with Divine qualities, the devas, and those endowed with demonic qualities asuras. The qualities of the Divine are fearlessness, purity of mind, knowledge, self-control, charity, sacrifice, straight forwardness, nonviolence, truthfulness, renunciation, peacefulness, compassion, kindness toward all suffering beings, humility, patience. The demoniac qualities are discussed in-depth, in great detail, however, they are ones such as egoism, greed, hypocrisy, pride vanity, arrogance, cruelty, ignorance. The qualities differ due to the play of the gunas, best understood as qualities-sattva, rajas, tamas- all born to a body of a particular nature.

In ones that sattva is the predominate quality, they are transcendent in nature, and ones whom rajas and tamas are predominate, those demonic tendencies are what is present, both qualities are found in most human beings. If one is not established in sattva, then there is constant fluctuation back and forth. To live the moral existence is simply not enough. The moral existence has rajas, and it prevents one from having the spiritual experiences. Too much ego quite likely to take one for a nose dive tamas aimed.

Most certainly, the tamas must be completely removed. This takes a great deal of strength to remove vanity, and desires in order to come to the True inner strength. Most people appear strong, but they are really cowards. One who has overcome the tamasic realm has a loving nature, and is calm, peaceful, straight forward, fearless.

The Gita tells us, Divine qualities predispose one to liberation, while demonic qualities lead one to bondage. A moral life is necessary, because it leads one to the spiritual path, and spiritual experience; Ethics is Truth w\o relevence. It is spiritual experience that leads one to freedom. Remember, Christ said, “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”

The Taoist in China say something really beautiful, “When creation began, the Supreme became the worlds Mother. When one knows ones Mother, he in turn will know that he is Her son. When he recognizes his sonship, he will in turn keep to his Mother, and to the end of his life he will be free from danger.” When we speak of freedom, then one must ask oneself, “What type of happiness do I hanker after?” You see, there is sense enjoyments, which are self indulgent, the joy of reaching heaven, so to speak, or the transcendence of both of these, and the enjoyment of freedom of the Soul. In Truth, one must give up the desire for enjoyment, not necessarily the act of enjoying, just do the act without desire, or expectation, period.

This is the period of the dark moon, use these three days for contemplation. Relax your thots, assess your shadow side the P O box hiding your negative qualities WATCH your ego leading the commitee of your mind! The Goddess of darkness, radiating lite… Prophtess, Shapeshifter walking the double edge sword of life and death,over flowing with Life she forces you to go beyond your limited concepts\perceptions re: life\death rite\wrong true goodness\evil. Having access in Otherworldliness and earth She IS your inspiration to change by introspection sending the wind your way to aide movement either willingly or a slash of her double edge sword much to your ignorance, BUT FELT! Only one who sees cares not of opinions, they side swipe you from the truth; therefore, the double edge sword goes into your ego personality intent on exiting w\inevitable change of your inner being no matter pain, its your potential for change. She in Her triplicity, Cloaked in secrecy of Knowing, the depth of pain can be the Source of that to be attained for the enhancement of evolving consciousness! Honor you bloodline consciousness that has revealed it’s self in your incarnation. Will you remain the cause and continue to relive the effects?!??? In short, darkness for rejuvination is to wield the Power of the sword of Truth eradicating false ego illusions, recognize you are prey to the hounds of hell here on earth! Plunge the sword into the tamasic corners of your mind w\FEARLESS ease and arrive @ last basking in the Lite of PEACE. In life is there is death\In death there is life lived… w\choice What is yours? This One MAY appear unpredictable, however if you’ve been Listening She’s directly on the mark! The Blue Moon in Pisces brings with Her strength\balance igniting The Flame of Lineage that will lite the wick of  connected consciousness with a colorful spark! NO MORE HIDING IN THE DARK!  Prophecy of whats to come, something evil this way comes. PLEASE WAKE UP! MATAJI


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