Just as the chakras are referred to as knots, the ego is also referred to as a knot between truth and false. It is true knowledge that will burn this knot away in the heart, and leave us standing in our true Self. Because most of us have spent many lifetimes in service of ignorance, I would say, it takes a long time to have steady practice and attain knowledge.

Remember, we have spoken of that centripetal, and centrifugal forces within us, we have spoken of these before. We must make use of that centripetal force to go deep within and reach the center of consciousness. All of the mind/body actions are linked to a center of consciousness, you see. We must gain the knowledge of this, this is where the Soul meets the Divine. It’s the sincere focus of the centripetal power that will help us reach this center.

It is the centrifugal force that enables us to detach from bondage. Remember, the true nature of the Soul is free. So, when the Soul asserts itself, its true nature, freedom, it is released from the limitations. It is the mind and the body that holds us in bondage, control them, and one is free.

Self control is knowable in this lifetime, and it is of the highest enjoyments. Imagine that, being ones highest enjoyment, self control. We want to experience freedom now, in this life, before we die. We are all experiencing the rare privilege of human birth at this very moment in time. We are the only living beings that can attain freedom, and strive toward perfection. If you go for even just a little of this freedom that I’m speaking to you of, to attain freedom from even one of your lower instincts is more freedom than the one who is slave to their instincts. Most people are  predisposed to living in a fantasy world. Most people see themselves as better than at least one other, if not a lot of others. It is this very weakness of mind that will send them reeling into emotional turmoil of mental anguish, madness even while appearing sane to the masses. When they realize they are not having inner strength during those difficult times of their own. You see, once we realize that we were remaining in haughty self arrogance, and then we have a problem, we simply jump over to victimization, and say, “poor me”. But, for a moment they have forgotten that they thought they were better than everyone, but, when they are suffering they say, “poor me”.

Truth is what saves us. One whose life is based in truth, is one whose life will know longevity. We must see the life as it really is, without falsehood, no fantasies. All the hard knocks in life must be overcome one at a time, and in so doing, spiritual experience will spontaneously occur. This is not imagination that I’m speaking to you of, it’s an unforgettable experience, and unexpected real experience, that many,many have come to realize with This One. Often only to lapse back into the grooves of their egoic personality, lazy and too adaptable to the fog of “normal?” Mindfullness is to guard the hearts entrance FROM EVIL THOTS! Only human beings are capable of INTENTIONAL EVIL! Always check your motive and intent,centripetal scanner before you projectile vomit any centrifugal self righteous bull sh** you congered up. Much like the religio\political liars of NOW!



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