Socrates was accused of crimes that he had not committed. He was condemned to die for ridiculous and unjust causes. If you have read anything about it, then you know this for yourself. It is recorded that he told the judges, “Men of Athens, I have the warmest affection for you, but I shall obey God rather than you, and while I have life and strength I shall never cease from my practice and teaching of philosophy. Exhorting anyone whom I meet, and saying to him seek virtue.” In the end, before he drank the poison given to him, he said, “The hour of my departure has arrived, and we go our ways, I to die, you to live, which is better God only knows.”

Egolessness, love, and compassion for all, fearless, and pure mind and heart, this is the sign of the freed Soul. When one reaches illumination, one knows intuitively that it’s so. One does not need external objectives to prove it. This being is called Branwen The Goddess of Sovereignty, here on earth, one who revels in ones own Self. This is the deeper meaning in the understanding of one loving ones Self, and until this is so one is not able to love others. We may say, we love ourselves, but what we really mean is through the nature of the ego we revel in certain qualities of our personality that we consider to be admirable, and are generally praised by other. Is it no so that this is the way we are?

There are many whom have come to show humanity the path to freedom. These Souls remain in tune with Spirit while they silently, with love and compassion for all beings, actively serve the suffering of humanity. They have come to promote the welfare of all beings, they have come to give Truth. People feel morally and spiritually uplifted in their presence.

May the minds of all be freed by the spiritual vibration of Their ever-present Truth, Love, and Compassion. May the knots of many unfold through Bhakti to the highest ideal, freedom in life, of every living being.  May The Sword of Pure Radiant Lite facing patriarchal oppression pierce mans tyranny empowered w\FEMINIST TRUTH killing the oppressive darkness. REemerging anew from the fragrant belly of revolutionized earth in this time of the waxing moon The Ancient Mother Goddess of all Lineages Awakening causing empowering connection to the Wisdom Source. This inevitably moves the sleeping consciousness uprooting mans overt evil tendencies to use close – fisted gun totn’ militeristc practices of child\womyn rape as WOMD’s on all levels of being. 99.9999% of MEN & enabling woMEN are of this conquering mind -set. This political boy Akin is U’r PERFECT traditional commonplace example of which This One speaks.  This period of intense suffering is only about power. Power has to be fed, just  reflect on the company you keep, what do you ALLOW yourself to eat; what do u feed others? The Ancient Prophecies of The Indigenous Peoples are upon us! Mothers u will regret your dependency on mans false character of strength. It is U who holds The Key to end the strategizing under mining of CLARITY. Criminals are running this nation. We are not united, we are divided.

THE Vibrations of Strength & THE Rhythms of Change connecting the unplugged spirals of DNA, distorted and deranged, this is your pain sustained. WAKE UP REVOLUTION IS NOT IN VAIN!

Many blessings showered in the minds, and the hearts of all of you.

Prem and SHANTI.

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