A Soul who is free does not have evil tendencies, nor do they follow the moral codes set up by man. Pure heart and mind are This Ones nature. So, man made rules do not bind Her to man. Be careful here, I’m not speaking of being rebellious, or fighting the establishment. This one that I speak of, or these that have come that I speak to you of, are free from egoism, you see. It is ego that creates the knot in the heart, and causes the human being to have the complexes in their mind, mental ills and it makes the human being shrewd, and calculating, cold, and indifferent. It is the nature of ones ego that determines ones attitude toward all others. Did you know?

When one attains the highest consciousness, all the knots in the heart are cut, there are no doubt, there are no conflicts. One is able to see the Divinity everywhere and in all things. In the freed Soul there is no hatred. This is a complete impossibility in the common superficial human being, mostly concrete jungle dwellers, thinking in mega bite thots; not too deep really, rote.

In the Isavasya Upanishad it states, when The Wise One perceives all as not at all distinct from ones own self, and ones own self as the self of every being. One does not, by virtue of that perception, hate anyone. You see, the freed compassionate loving Soul has nothing but blessings to give to everyone. There are no boundaries to the love that this one gives. The freed Soul has only thoughts of the service and welfare of others. There is no fear that resides in this one. Most people live their lives like hunted animal, the hearts are always pounding in fear, because the heart is all knotted up. People rush around ducking, and hiding, and running as though they are prey under constant pursuit. Because of living the life this way, they miss out on all the beauty and experience in life. People do not live in peace. Not only do they live as if under constant pursuit, but they too are in constant pursuit, and 99.9% of the time living in fear. This driving force of fear determines all their thoughts and actions. People seem to keep themselves unhappy so they may chase after happiness, and live under the excitement of the misperception that when they obtain what is it they’re pursuing, then they will be the conqueror, just for the moment and not the conquered. But just like the rabbit in the mad hatter, they’re off and running again, quickly in fear, mumbling-bumbling. People tend to deem these people as courageous, as heroes, oh my goodness. Better to live a life free of fear, with the courage to know ones own nature through the inner pursuit of true peace and harmony, free from helplessness, and free from the ever changing environment of your conscious manifestation. The Spirit, unthwarted will persevere, and overcome the inner battle of ignorance, there is no doubt of that.

It’s 2012 people- evil is bred in institutions, criminals are running over the nation, what U call secrecy is really quite transparent if you dare LOOK!

people need to be truthlfully, graphically informed

unfearful truthsayers MUST stay vigilant, continue effortlessly dispelling the fog of the conversional force with Freely Expressed Idealistism

Obviously you are all numbed-dumb to the misogynistic tap root of patriarchal attempts to oppress the womyn-kind, however forgetting or even negating karma is the Law that many a fools balk at in self righteous indignation completely forgetting all things they have been and will be. It has nothing to do w\ what goes around comes around. Karma IS NOT about pay back It is BALANCE BALANCING the wealth in ones karmic account.


Compassionately, Kali Ma


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