Do you care???????

To continue speaking of choosing awareness. Origen was a great scholar of the early Christian times. He said, “The human mind is influenced now by good, now by evil. The causes of this, I suspect, to be more ancient than the corporal birth.” These truths were definitely against the doctrine of orthodox Christianity, and immediately suppressed by the Christian church. The council of Constantinople declared whoever shall support the mythical presentation of the pre-existence of the soul and the consequent wonderful opinion of its return, let him be anathema. Well, sounds familiar.

However, in spite of the organized church and its efforts to suppress this knowledge it certainly wasn’t done completely. But, they’ve done a good job thus far. It is only here in the modern times that we’ve come to see a little bend in the way things are being done in the orthodox church. Well, of course the small seemingly changes are done out of fear, as most things are in humanity. I don’t see that they’re truly done with any real sincere significance of acceptance.

In these small but significant examples that I’m trying to share with you about awareness, and choices to squelch it or not, there was one by the name of Bruno. Bruno believed in Divine Immanence. He believed in the immortality of the soul. For this he was imprisoned, tortured, and burnt at the stake. Yes, his body died, but he served to free philosophy from the bondage of theology. He served a great purpose by The Mothers will! This was a powerful message to all philosophers, and it served well to hush many of them, and so to speak, drive the doctrine of reincarnation underground.

The inquisition forced many to speak of this doctrine in secret. There is so much to share with you here with regards to awareness, and what has been done in the name of serving the people, protection of the people. From what? From the truth. But, the key point is that fear, in the oppressor, of losing power over others put fear in the people, and forced them to forget what they knew to be true. Hence, choosing ignorance over awareness assured the people, that human existence would continue through this conversional force, you see. Do you care?



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