Energies of male and female are not simply for the sole purpose of procreation.

Contrary to popular belief the relationship of male and female, or I like to say, of male energy and female energy, because I include all relationships, whether it simply be a man and a woman species, or a masculine and feminine energy somewhat of the same species. Now, some may not agree with me there, and that’s all right. I’m sure there are many people who would not agree with that, and there’s nothing I can do to change the perceptions of others if they wish to remain the same or where they are, and that’s not what I’m trying to do. I am however, insisting somewhat on being inclusive of all ways of viewing the male and female energies however, they may view themselves in the human species at this point, OK. So, as I started with, contrary to popular belief, those energies of male and female or energies of men and women are not simply for the sole purpose of procreation, and we need to understand that. We need to take a better look at that. The more spiritual the union is to the individuals in the relationship then the more highly evolved the interaction at these three levels that I’ve mentioned, emotional, mental, and physical are.

I will be weaving in and out of all relationships but, at times you will note that I am speaking specifically about the relationship at the marriage level, or we use the word, at the intimate level when there is a union between two people, or commitment between two people. The ultimate union is one in which the typical stereotyped female and male patterns of emoting, and thinking, and acting have been transcended. Where, in other words, the commonly accepted and played out roles of possessiveness and dependency have been neutralized, or I would prefer to say renounced.

The experience of complete fulfillment in a relationship requires the understanding of the nature of the female and male aspects, and I would say further, the ordinarily accepted aggression, submission roles. These so-called roles have no place, no purpose in a relationship. However, I will say to you at this point, that even though in western thinking the male energies in a relationship are considered to be the dominant, and the female are considered to be the submissive, I’m going to suggest to you now, just for the sake of expanding your consciousness hopefully, just a little bit, just hear me out, perhaps it is that we need to look at a better understanding of the female being somewhat, for lack of a better word, the leader, and the male as her medium. This, I am certain this is not clear, and maybe at this point more than half of you have shut down to the idea; but I am suggesting it, and I’ll leave it there for now. I realize that there may be some confusion, confusion due to the perceptions that most of us already have in place, and that’s understandable.

Throughout our life we are provided with basic concepts about life, and the ways of life, how to live life; and then we have also our own personal perceptions that we intertwine with those concepts, filter, absorb, release, distort, and try to make a life of it.

In the dance of sexual union, does not the male need and desire to be enticed into arousal, or action, or movement? And whom does the male rely on for such? All right, hopefully you’re still with me. In yoga, we say the reliance is on the Shakti, the female energy. We say that the female energy actually enters Shiva, or the male energy, consciousness, and awakens this consciousness. The female energy enters the male energy.



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