The marriage of two people, and spirituality are hand in hand.

Here on earth in the human condition we say, “Well the man does this”. But, then again, there is so much more to the relationship, the union of the two than just the physical body. It’s the subtle Truths that actually need more attention. We need to pay attention to the subtle Truths more. According to Tantra Yoga, the female is accepted wholeheartedly as the Guru. Now, you can see already just by that statement alone, how this would be a problem in our modern-day societies. But, I must say to you, is it not obvious that the male already accepts this reality at levels most will not admit to? Further than that, the female energy or person in their anger and resentment, aggressiveness has misused this Truth, that is so. Now, you might be asking right now, “What do you mean about the anger, and the resentment, the aggression?” I say to you, “Oh, most of the women in the world have a great deal of this anger and resentment at their forced submission, and at themselves for allowing such a thing.” I do hope I’m not confusing you.

Try to see this, this most beautiful view from the eye of love. The female is like the ocean tide, and the male is like the sandy shore, the sand being shaped and reshaped with the movement of the tide. Energy and matter we say, prakriti and purusha, Shakti and Shiva. Is that too subtle?

The marriage of two people, and spirituality are hand in hand. Now, I can say this, knowing that only those who are in self-conscious awareness, know this. Hear this, in ancient times marriage was for the purpose of spiritual attainments of the highest nature. Now, in modern-day times marriage and spiritual attainment, spirituality are separated, and happiness in union is a hope. I have women say to me often, “It’s a dream far off in the distance”. Yet, I also have those who are married, say that their dream fulfilled has come to a stagnation, rather than what they had hoped for, which was expansion, unfoldment into that ultimate love through inner growth based on that previously mentioned, emotional and mental development, finally attaining a happiness in physical union. Sometimes I have said to people, that it’s like the icing on the cake. If all else is in place, then that you will recognize as spiritual attainment. This is not the case in 99.9% of the relationships in this day, that I can promise you. You see, females and males marry or choose union, commitment, for very different reasons, separate in and of themselves.

Women may choose a marriage or a commitment, a union, to expand their mind, their emotions, and spirituality. Women have the tendency more to share and grow “together”, and interact with the other at all levels, not just physically. Whereas, males join in unions or marriages “to have”, I say “to have, to posses”, I’ll go so far as to say “to own”, to be assured that there is someone there for them, to take care of them, feed them, recognize them. They want to be done for. There is nothing wrong with that, because mostly the nature of the feminine is to do, is to care for. Of course, all of this that I am mentioning to you right now has been greatly distorted. It’s become greatly distorted.



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