Self Realization is the knowledge of the individual Self being a part of the all-pervasive Spirit.

Self Realization is the knowledge of the individual Self being a part of all-pervasive Spirit. Why fight the battle against the awareness of Truth? We have numerous examples of these realizations, yet choose to remain steadfast in our ignorance. I say to you, “Why not choose the yogic disciplines”, which are the direct means to unfolding the age-old mystery of Self Conscious Awareness.

Instead of wanting to leave your mark on the evolutionary time line of the history of mankind, perhaps it is that in our ultimate awareness we would humbly realize that with illumination we may return to the physical world as a being of Truth to aid others toward the light of Spirit within. Not with the desire to be a great one, that’s not what I’m saying, but to serve The Mothers will, expressed through within the body.

None of us is better or more than another. It’s just that some have journeyed through many lifetimes of purifications, and awareness, never straying from the tedious battle against ignorance, and returned in the physical, manifested as an example of what is attainable by all of humanity.

When choosing awareness, and that would be a conscious choice, we serve The Great Mother with the purest mind and heart in the utmost awareness, never deviating. If we serve Her halfheartedly then it is not awareness that we seek. We seek survival, just getting by. I saw this in the Temple with some disciples. When, when two disciples came in, one from work, and one from I don’t know where, and the one from I don’t know where had with him two offerings, one for himself, and one for the one coming from work. And when they came in, the one holding the two offerings went over and quickly handed the one from work one of the offerings, which was a bruised apple. And they quickly, and somewhat unconsciously made the jester of offering, and placed it down there at the altar. It was a painful thing to see, for I did not see conscious awareness. I saw haste, and unconscious movement, rote, following through with the gesture of what was to be done, and I’m not in favor of this. Just as I am not in favor of going by a tree at someones house and picking off a branch because I know I’m going to Temple, and bringing it in and saying here I have my offering. You can’t say I came empty-handed. Everything we do towards the attainment of knowledge, and ultimately wisdom, must be done with awareness. And it must be a conscious choice to be aware.

May the life of This One serve all of humanity in whatever way need be. Precious Mother I offer this at Thy Divine Feet, that it may fill the hearts and the minds, and awaken the souls of those devoted seekers who aspire to capture but a glimpse of Thy Light. I Love Thee Precious Mother with all of myself. For all of myself is of Thy doing. I am but a tiny reflection of Your Illumined Presence, pervasive throughout all of life, beyond time and space. I pray for the awareness of all devoted seekers.



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