When one is truly spiritually mature, anger is not an option.

Only through the eye of righteousness can any relationship be filled with spirituality, that of primordial energy, the fuel for the consciousness the lies in and between each being. Fearfulness must be abandoned. Laziness has its roots there. The cowardice being will never succeed in any relationship, for this is the very foundation of all self-righteousness.

What I have said to you can be applied in any relationship, and much of what has been said can be applied to any situation in a relationship. It’s always best when we introspect, when we analyze ourselves, when we are able to go within. It is not enough to simply recognize our faults. It is not enough to say even to the other in a relationship, I know that I have faults. But change, action must occur if it is in fact your faults that are in the way of harmoniously proceeding in the relationship. Do you follow me? This requires will, not willfulness. That again is self-righteous. Willfulness is the coward’s way out. Willfulness is filled with fear. Questions we need to ask ourselves: “Am I willing to relinquish my faults even at the expense of baring them to the other?” Oftentimes because we are such interconnected beings it helps to have the other, especially if there is support. Upliftment is what I refer to it as. It takes courage to reveal ones faults, but the one being revealed to must be someone who can be trusted, and even then problems can arise. There are no relationships that are problem free. We must grow up, mature. When one is truly spiritually mature, anger is not an option. Attempting to solve the problem is always in the forefront.

If the things that have been spoken of are anything that you recognize in yourself, the answer is you must change. There is no way out, there is no one else to blame, there is nothing else to be done or said, change. Are you willing to take yourself beyond your limitations? You see, we only deserve that which we have put forth. That which we have created is what we will reap. This is true, this is true.

Humility is believed or defined in the English language I believe quite differently, or other than what it really is. We worry about being humiliated when in fact to walk the path of life in humility allows us to see the true nature of existence. We are able to see nature at Her best, at Her perfection, and we are able to better understand the illusion that springs forth out of wrong concept, and misperception, and distortion of Her Truth, you see.



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