The object of devotion is the means to an end.

One should go about oneself in a natural way. Always one should keep in mind ones personal ideal, ones mantra, and ones Guru. Bhava is the key, intense devotion. Performing ones duties with detachment and devotion is the key to the transformation of ones life. Prem = Pure Love

All paths of yoga aim at the ultimate annihilation of ego. The means may differ, but the end result is the same. The Bhakta does this through identifying and modifying all impulses to an outward object of Bhakti. One does this through surrender to ones personal Ideal, this is not an easy task certainly. All the paths merge with one another, each being a petal on the same lotus, you see. In the Bhagabad Gita, Krishna says, “I welcome all beings, no matter how they approach me. Beings approach me from every direction, O, Partha.”

True knowledge of existence will not arise without Bhakti. The more knowledge that arises, the greater intensity of Bhakti, they are simultaneous. As ones knowledge and Bhakti enhances so ones actions become more harmonious, and effective. Eventually, ones experiences the beauty of life Her Self, one sups upon the amrit, the Divine nectar, Bliss.

In the Viveka Chudamani, Shankar Charya says, “Among things conclusive to liberation, Bhakti is a must, it is most important. Seeking after ones real nature, is ones definition of Bhakti Yoga. Inquiring into the truth of ones being, is devotion.” I have told you that everyone is devoted to something or someone. The object of devotion is the means to an end. The object of ones devotion should not be forced, either by another or by forced effort against your natural inclinations, the spontaneous arising of devotion is best. One should choose whatever best suits ones personality. No matter what form one worships, all are forms of the Supreme.

In Christianity, the focal point is Christ or the Virgin Mary. Many great Christian saints used these forms of the Divine for transcendence. Saint Francis, Saint Teresa were Bhaktas. The utilization of these forms enabled them to understand existence deeper, by harmonizing their whole being in them arose cosmic understanding and Bhakti.

In tantra, the aspirant worships the many forms of Shakti, The Mother, The Mother of The Cosmos. Her various aspects of existence are worshipped, although, they represent The One, The Absolute. The worship of Durga, Kali, Tara, or any one of the many aspects of Shakti, as a form as our Cosmic Mother. In India, it is known there are countless deities to worship in form of The One. Each are perfectly acceptable from the view of Bhakti Yoga. The freedom to worship according to ones natural inclination is the greatness of Bhakti Yoga. Ones worship of The Supreme can be directed to any object or symbol. It is the image of the Supreme which ones whole devotion is centered on. By moving to this center one creates the expansion of ones awareness. Let us not forget, this means, one with a sincere unwavering devotion.



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