Bhakti… “everything is me, and I am everything.”

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna said, “A Bhakta can worship me in any form one chooses. I will justify and accept his Bhakti.” Even the worship of forms of nature is acceptable.

I’m now going to speak to you about Love. Most ordinary human beings profess a love for someone or something, the spouse, the child, family, a pet, a sport. Let me say this to you, although without a doubt that it may be unacceptable to most of you, 99.9% of people love someone or something and feel Bhakti toward that object for their own benefit, always. That is the way that the ordinary human being is naturally. You love and feel Bhakti toward our chosen object for our own sake, please consider This Truth. There is great depth here in understanding, this is Knowledge that in and of itself if contemplated with great Bhakti, it will heighten your awareness of limited love, and with great Bhakti can transcend you beyond I’ness, ego.

To be in perfect harmony with the Infinite one spontaneously has a love for all, no expectations, no conditions, no limitations, love, infinite joy, peace, at one with Her creation. To express Bhakti toward everything finite and infinite is to see the power of Divinity in all of life. It matters not the limited form it has taken for its role in life, you see. In the Uddhava Gita it says, “One should treat all others with respect and honor in the same way that one shows devotion to The Supreme. This leads to freedom from hatred, envy, malice, self-conceit.” This alone is the hardest thing for humankind to do. But, if one can do it even a little it is good. Think this way, “everything is me, and I am everything.”

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