Faith is to believe in something that one has not yet had.

Faith is to believe in something that one has not yet had, or been had of personal experience. It is mere acceptance until belief is transformed through actual experience. The spiritual aspirant then has faith in what the yogis tell of attaining through experience, and there is belief that these sages, these yogis, and saints have experienced something far beyond ordinary experience. Some say that to have faith is a form of self-deception. I say to you, self-deception is to deceive oneself through the refusal of being receptive to experiences beyond ones limited knowledge. It is the refusal of anything unknown or new. To have faith is to be open-minded to all that lies ahead of ones personal realm of experience. Meaningful words rest on the foundation of personal experience. Do you understand?

Faith and Bhakti are not the same. Faith is important in the path of Bhakti Yoga. One must have faith in ones practices even though there may be little personal experience. With faith one believes there is purpose in ones practice, and accepts experience does exist without faith. Without faith we would not meditate or practice techniques, we would not have faith in their purpose. Once ones practice is transformed into personal experience, faith is then no longer necessary. It is said, that this is the reason for having a Guru, and that we must have faith in the guidance of the Guru. One who does not have faith in the Gurus instructions will not follow the instructions the Guru gives. Therefore, without faith, the Guru disciple relationship cannot exist. Through faith one experiences Bhakti, one is willing to accept that all the effort and action are done while walking the path, ultimately, leading to expanded awareness, beyond the limitations of here and now. The Darshan of ones Guru intensifies this faith for you. Because you are with a living example of one who has traveled the path that you are treading now, this is exactly what is meant by the Guru being ones source of inspiration.

When we speak of the Guru disciple relationship, being mother, father, spouse, sister, brother, friend, all, perhaps we can better understand a little better now what that really means, and have faith through the personal experience, which we can all relate to, that in reality not one of these relationships took us beyond the scope of the defined relationship we shared, you see. Our love and devotion in these relationships developed and relied upon the stereo typical scope, the finite definition of the relationship itself. Do you understand?



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