Womyn & girl children,

Do yourself a great justice while debating on who to vote for. See the documentaries: “mormon candidate” on Current News, the movie documentary, “Follow the prophet” and  “I escaped a cult”  all of the UNWED mothers of polygamy collect welfare and all the trimmings of your tax money and its put into the bigger pot. Include “Latter Days” saturate your consciousness in the oppression of the feminine & any human being mitt views expendable, unimportant, does he really think there are no gays in his family? How ignorant of him to say he KNOWS none of his children are gay becuz they’re married…*** Perhaps it is so, however we all have witnessed how well that statement worked for numerous MALE church people of utmost favor with their evangelical christian fundamental fascist followers. Forget not beloved readers To SEE clearly means there is not a potential to fool the One who SEES. DECEPTIVE ones study the psychology of emotion, apply it to the masses dressed in what\how the people want. The Spirit of the people is in great danger! Listen to the obese woMAN in the documentary Jesus camp she admits “GET UM’ while they’re  young…”. We all know the conversional force of FEAR works well w\children. All PREDATORY  human beings are adept @ this tactic eh?

Here is a snap shot for your mind The mormon religion is of this way of life. If mitt becomes prez incest is an acceptable act simply by his religious beliefs. Colorado town in Utah is a polygamist compound in this country, no outsiders welcome! mitts’ close comrade marc leder hedge fund manager having “SEX PARTIES” @ his place in the Hampton’s is not exactly intended for procreation just a little sexual R&R.

Those of U who call yourself mothers and KNOW what is happening to the babies U give birth to create karmic suffering that takes life times to balance. If the mother wuz treated this way and hears her child being prepared, that is INTENTIONALLY, FORCIBLY RAPED\INDOCTRINATED by the father\brother or other MALE HOW do U sleep @ nite???

The human condition is an interesting parasitic existence.  Human survival is the human condition of attempting to cling to any vestige of sanity often mistaken foe mental instability becuz the human being is prey to PREDATORY POWER & as prey they feel helpless\fearful & know the conditioned parasitic human is focused on sucking the Spirit of Life from them. And so the wheel of samsara turns. Truth, Compassion, Love beyond human condition which holds countless expectations WILL provide protection from the parasitic human being. Forgotten Knowledge, experience-past\present, courage which is fearless &  importantly, UNDERSTANDING offers acceptance; with TRUE SIGHT comes huge responsibility. Refuge for the prey, put the predator in the lite of TRUTH where they shrivel like they made their prey in the dark power of their Life Spirit theft.

This One has no shame I do understand the pain, but not the continuing of no refrain on the part of those who remain predatory. This lifetime sexual abuse is the karmic reason I came I will not change the names of those I speak of to protect them. Except the children who still remain out there and have trust in This Ones words. Bloodline family is not what it’s made out to be usually, unless there’s personal gain, the price some pay for pretense of family unity has been the life work since birth. Memory banks are a currency few possess and no amount of the material $ mantra can buy it! FREEEEEEEEDOM IS FEARLESS! Peace of mind is the vehicle. This Femayle Guru born in the west holds the antidote of TRUTH @ the centre of HER chest. As I mentioned when I left WE R not finished yet!

Autumn Equinox     The Core of Wisdom need no longer allude you Shed your ignorance  Take ACTION!


One comment on “THE EYE Does Not LIE

  1. When I heard about this ‘Morman’ runing for US Precidency I could not believe it. I thinbk that if the people of the \USA elect him, they are making a HUGE mistake. I actually fear for the US people not to mention the global impact. It is very unsettling indeed.

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