Expectations will definitely hinder ones ability to attain True Knowledge.

On the path of Bhakti Yoga one devotes oneself to a specific form of the Divine, yet, at the same time one must be willing to tolerate, accept all others chosen forms of Divinity that the other people worship as their own. This tolerance transformed into acceptance is the very center of Bhakti Yoga. In the beginning of our practice ones whole self is focused on the object of love. As ones awareness grows, and Bhakti arises spontaneously from the heart, one realizes the one essence in all deities, and acceptance of all forms of the Divine emerges from within. This is a bit of a precarious place I would say, because here there is the great potential for the obstacles of dogma, fanaticism, you see. However, one must not allow oneself to fall into that sectarian thought, if that’s permissible.

One must stay with The Truth, Bhakti Yoga is the path, the means to Bhakti, which arises spontaneously from the heart. This spontaneous arising requires knowledge, not the narrow concepts of dogmas, indoctrination, fanaticism, these have come to be the obstacles throughout history, and the corruption of true Bhakti Yoga practices.

It is always best not to set oneself up with expectations in the practice of Bhakti Yoga. These expectations will definitely hinder ones practice, and ones ability to attain true knowledge. The expecting agent is the ego. The greater the ego the less progress in yoga. The key I’m stressing here, which is difficult for many, is to not expect anything in return for ones feeling of Bhakti. In the Uddhava Gita Krishna says, “I am ever-present with one who is devoid of all expectation. Who is given to contemplation on Me. Who is serene, free from hatred, and sees Me everywhere.” In relation to the three gunas in the Uddhava Gita expectation is addressed again, “Worship of me without expectation of reward is sattvic, (that is the purified aspects of nature). That done with expectation is rajasic, (that is the active and passionate aspect of nature). Whereas, that done with the intention of harming others is tamasic, (that is the inert, or dark aspect of nature).” Most people have expectations. These are very hard to rid oneself of, as you well know, however, if you do have expectations, not to worry, expectations will dissolve as you move on the path as a spiritual aspirant. It is really quite simple.

The practice of no expectations needs to be practiced in everyday life. When one does something for another, one should not have expectations of return for the deed. We should instead be grateful for the opportunity to have served them. I have always told you life is a school, the world is the play yard of the Divine. We as human beings have the fortunate opportunity to gain knowledge, attain wisdom, thereby perfect our imperfections. We have the opportunity to resolve all inner conflicts. We have everything we need or could possibly want in order to do so. Our interactions with one another are vital in this learning process, for we have the opportunity to see what needs to change within ourselves.



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