Have you gone through, The Dark Night of the Soul

Once Bhakti begins to affect the heart then each and every experience is a lesson. These lessons serve in the reduction of ones pride, and the dissolving of the power of ego. I have told you, the ego is so often subtle. When one is on the path of Bhakti Yoga there always seems to be occurrences to point out ones pride, and ego attachment. Because it serves in the prevention of egos complacency, you see, this is a good thing. As a Bhakta one is constantly in the throes of having the floor kicked out from beneath the ego mind, if that’s permissible. Pride is one of the greatest obstacles of all to the expanding of ones awareness.

In the book by a Christian mystic, Saint John of the Cross, called, “The Dark Night of the Soul”, Saint John speaks of the aspirant having to pass through the dark night of the soul. We have spoken of this together. As the spiritual aspirant gains a little knowledge and some experience, their greed for more is heightened. They think themselves better than others more advanced spiritually. The egos traps are dangerous, and hinders ones path to expanded awareness. It is in the dark night of the soul where ones imperfections are purged, you see. We must all pass through the dark night of the soul, again and again. These obstacles that one faces are very important on our spiritual path. Without them we would not face the ego, and therefore, we would never remove the obstacles. In the dark night of the soul, one comes face to face with ones own faults, recognition, acceptance, and illumination can now occur. So, I am saying to you that, even though one experiences this pride of gaining knowledge and experience, there is good in it, in that one can see the imperfections of pride and ego, and remove them. Eventually, this leads one to humility and feelings of Bhakti. It is actually during these times of faltering and back sliding that ones Bhakti becomes greater. How so? Because one is confronted with an obstacle that otherwise may not have been noticeable before.



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