Surrender being the path to Higher Consciousness

In the Devi Bhagavadta it states, when you think of the Supreme in the same way that oil is smoothly poured from one pot to another: when the thought is continuous then there arises unspeakable Love and Bliss there are no thoughts of ones limited self, one is fixed in thought on ones chosen ideal, Guru, or the unlimited Self. Once one reaches this point, one becomes a slave to the memory, awareness becomes greater, and ego decreases. One must learn to live the life accepting what may come and go. All are lessons and really nothing is either good or bad, it just is. In time all ones misconceptions will fade away, all fears, all phobias, all wrong thoughts. The whole body and mind must be purified and transformed.

Bhakti Yoga is the most powerful means to the diminishing of ego. One thereby becomes more sensitive, more aware, and is able to see the complex problems of the mind. Mental problems must be removed for one to have greater awareness. That makes sense doesn’t it?

All impurity must be purged in the fire of truth. Saint John of the Cross states, “A log on the fire cannot burn until all the moisture has been purged from it.” Here’s a little secret for you, in Christianity this is the true meaning of the word purgatory. It is the point in one’s life where all impurities are purged from the mind. This process of purging is not linear, it occurs spontaneously here and there. Ones Bhakti is intensified, and then one is subject to further purging. You see, it comes and goes, a little more, and a little more. Over time the purging of these mental complexities is more and more at the subtle levels. This occurrence rises when ones suffering in mental anguish for the purpose of deeper cleansing of the mind.

The channeling of ones emotions, desires, ambitions eradicates mental fluctuations and transforms them into the feelings of Bhakti, one pointed devotion. In the Uddhava Gita Krishna says, “Though attracted by objects of desire, and though he has not yet gained control over the mind, my devotee is not over powered by them. Being shielded by devotion to Me, just as a fire steadily grows from a small flame to a blazing fire, and burns fuel to ashes, so does devotion to me. O, Uddhava, blaze forth and consume all obstacles.”

Surrender being the path to higher Consciousness.



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