Evil, the root cause of all suffering.

Empirical knowledge would be greatly enhanced by the recognition of evil as the root cause of all suffering. Throughout countless ages, many truly great human beings have expounded upon the presence of evil thriving with great detail. They have written about the endless tiring fight to live and over come in the battles fought within their very own selves between good and evil. You see, it’s all a matter of consciousness.

In the early, oh I would say the 1930’s, I believe, one J.R.R. Tolkien, a professor of literature offered one of the most perfect examples in modern time of this very battle that we speak of.  I know most people dismissed his writings as mere myth and some people were so frightened by it that they wanted the books banned, burned, forbade their children or anyone around them to look at them, let alone their very own self, they would not even open  the book. Now, I ask you how is it that we as human  beings can feel or perceive that the words in a book can be so threatening to our existence, and the known has been attempted in life, yet you cannot destroy the truth that exists within the individual and collective psyche of humanity.

It’s just fortunate that some of us choose to write it, speak of it, for the sake of all of life, for the understanding of all of life. So of course, dismissing the writings of persons who have attempted to explain the battle as it is most likely fought within themselves and of course, there are many examples of it being fought in the outer existence of humankind, i.e., war…, so forth. Fighting for our own life, our own vitality in the face of evil living within our very homes, but most of these things were again dismissed as just mere story telling for the sake of entertainment. But, anyone who has endured encounters with evil no matter how afflicted by its’ presence, they have sustained even a shimmering thread of love in their heart without doubt they know the truth from which these mere myths have been taught. I say, obviously it is by the most casual observer that evil parents do not bring into existence evil children or good parents do not necessarily bring into life evil children. There’s so much more than simply genetics at work,  that’s my point here.



The chakras are representative of the powers of our consciousness.

Western science has proven that human beings use very little of their potential. Studies at the esoteric levels conclude the same understanding. The Mooladhara, which is the lowest of the human chakras, represents the level of humanity where the severe limitations of both knowledge and our ability to act are located. The higher chakras indicate how the human being can progressively transcend the limitations of the present and go beyond themselves. The highest chakras also represent the higher levels of understanding, and have to do with harmony, and bliss, and the higher knowledge.

The chakras are also representative of the powers of our consciousness that are within our grasp, that is of each human being. The chakras are a depiction of the expansion of the “I”, or the I’ness as was mentioned. “I”, generally, for most of us symbolizes the limitation to this body identification that we have. And this has to do with the level of the Mooladhara chakra. Now as one comes to higher understanding, or becomes more conscious, then the higher chakras are awakened, and therefore the understanding of the I’ness expands, and one goes beyond just the ego identification of body, and is able to be conscious of the inner connectives of all of life. This ultimate expansion that I’m referring to occurs in the totality of the Saharara chakra, which again I remind you is beyond the six pranic centers corresponding to the gross body of the human being.

These centers of subtle energies are located along the spinal system and they’re also referred to as the spiritual path itself.


The chakras can awaken our psychic potentials.

In the secular context prana refers to air, again denoting the breath. In the sacred scriptures of the Chandogya Upanishads the five principle breathes are referred to as the gate keepers to the heavenly world. In kriya yoga the control of prana or breath is very important, and to be able to control the breath or the prana in any of these particular center, will induce a particular state of awareness. Now, these states of awareness will cause the prana to be predominant at the given chakra.

In kriya yoga there is also another system referred to as the nadi system. Otherwise known as the highway and byway system within the subtle body. The key principle nadi are the ida nadi and the pingala nadi. The internalized awareness is symbolized by the ida nadi. The prana aspect is symbolized by the pingalic nadi. Ida and pingala cross each other at the six main chakras, that’s not inclusive of the sahasara. So what this means is that the awakening of each chakra is inseparably related to both prana and consciousness. Any stimulation be it physical or mental at these psychic centers or pranic centers leads to change of our consciousness. Now, what this does is it awakens the psychic potentials within us, and this gives us a greater understanding and realization of our own reality. This is the fundamental purpose of kriya yoga. Via the spiritual path or progressive movement through the chakric system to higher states of awareness the human being is able to transcend their individual limitations.


Western religions dogmatically reminds us that we are sinners.

All religions speak of the veil in some context or another. In Yoga, we call it the veil of ignorance. Are we so unconsciously ashamed of our childish fits to ensure our separateness that we act out in self-righteous martyrdom allowing the dictation of our ego to be the captain at the helm of our vessel? It’s just a question.

We hold to this disease state like a child refusing to take its medicine in this case the elixir of life, amrita we say in yoga, mother’s milk, the nectar of immortality. Immortality, the one desire of those who have a belief in reincarnation, the knowledge of reincarnation brings about in one who is consciously living life the desire to live through all of its karmas all in one given lifetime so as not to return to the wheel of pain and suffering over and over again.

This desire ensures one to cleanse and purify all affliction of the eight disease states. Some believe this requires the living of a dull existence devoid of passion and enjoyment of life’s fruits. Most of the major religions of the world insist on abstinence of all pleasures in life yet, a loving mother wishes to fulfill all her childs’ desires. Whereas, the father god of most western religions dogmatically reminds us of how sinful we are born, original sin it’s called. We live as a sinner and we die a sinner. I see this as a powerful oppression by use of relevance in thought, in other  words, to serve man through the appropriation and distortion of the Ultimate (Absolute) Truth.


Every human being has a longing.

Just for a moment, look at the example of mother and child at the human level of existence. As the child grows, gains more knowledge and skill, the separation from mother grows increasingly, just as the child grows. The child moves further into its own independence concretizing its own individual ego personality, but the process is done with great difficulty. In the childs` journey in search for independence it continues to remain dependent on the mother for many moons even if not physically, mentally. Along with a longing in the heart to remain connected even if rejection from the mother is the case.

Every human being has a longing deep within but they cannot explain, which they keep alive by the separation from the one divine love. Searching in vain to cure the disease of pain and suffering in their lives, people go on displacing their desire for fulfillment on object upon object, in hope for finding contentment. The ego personality has a ferocious appetite, to say the least. It can and does build up the attachments in the mind that go on lasting for aeons until we have exhausted all desires having attached to thousands upon thousands of objects over and over again. We will not seek the attaining or the attainment of the one source of all else, the Motherhood of God, The Mother of all. We are born of her love; we exist in her love, although we are ignorant to the fact. And in death, we rest again in Her Divine womb until we seek a new body once again. It is our separation from The Mother, which binds us to the eight dis-eased states of existence, anger, greed, lust, fear, aversion, envy, shame and delusion. Karma, cause and effect due to our attachments to desires based on these binds in our thoughts, speech and deeds, plunges us into the wheel of samsara, limited existence. The Mother has not left us, it is we who have forsaken her. Like a child, who has gone against the Mothers` wishes, we keep ourselves hidden from her.


If any cell or group of cells seeks to separate, we experience dis-ease, cancer to be exact.

The ego of the separate individual is strong, and in most people, it is  in control. It is in control of each and every cell of that given body and when the body dies, the cells of that body are now free to move in many different directions separately, collectively. If any cell or group of cells seeks to separate from the collective make-up, we experience dis-ease, cancer to be exact. It matters not if the intrusion or the disease is coming from the inside or the outside universes. The ego will fight for its hold to maintain its self-identification with that body for it must at all cost maintain the present personality structure. It must hold to its structure of identity. Such as we say, I am this or I am that, I have a headache, I am sick. So it is with our minds, the moment we attempt to expand our knowledge by inviting new data in we have immediately caused a state of disease, have we not, can you see that? Therefore, we will experience illness of a sorts, the fight to maintain the previous concepts and perceptions has now been invaded by new idea, new thought, the ego personality is threatened and will battle with instruments such as doubt, fear, anger, confusion, like this. This imbalance from its otherwise normalcy will cause such ill effects that one will either stop seeking growth potentialities or fight the ignorance and continue to gain knowledge in spite of the consequential disease state at the moment, namely discomfort due to change.

We say in yoga, we are all diseased due to our created limitation of personality. It is only when we choose to move beyond time, space and the causation of our pain and suffering, such as what we call happiness or unhappiness, the roller coaster of emotionalism, and remember our immorality that we become healthy, free of disease. We are harmonious with the entire cosmos when by use of free will we arrive at the state of internal peace, and of course, a balancing of our external world with all of life, with nature herself. We say then we have come home.


To cure the human being, is to return to our original self.

The oldest religion, The Motherhood of God. Now in western philosophies, western religions, this is not something that we know about, that we hear about. It’s simply not spoken of. The Divine Mother is the dynamic cosmic energy pervading the entire universe. She is the source of all. She is the ultimate personality, the Supreme expression of totality. We are all her children, individual, limited expressions of Her Divine permanent unchanging, undifferentiated unity, the Absolute Reality. As human beings our personalities are self identified with ego and having separated ourselves from the One who possesses all qualities and attributes. We are limited to a given set of qualities and attributes, which we term separate personalities. Animals, trees, flowers, human beings all have their own individuality, their own separate qualities and attributes, as well as those disembodied beings, which in fact are actually less individualized, but that would be a different study all in itself. I say this to raise your awareness of separateness from the One Absolute reality.

To expand your thinking further, consider just how separate we really have become. There are many diseases in the universe. A disease being one of purely parasitic intent, some of these are collective in their consciousness like animals, dogs, cats, bees, ants, viruses even bacteria. Some diseases are simply due to what we say a malfunctioning in the metabolism that may come about within any given organ system. These all have separate personalities. When a disease enters into the body of one with its own ego system, immediately there is differentiation because it cannot take hold of that entire system which it has invaded. We can actually look at that entire system as a universe all of its own A universe with its own personality. When a disembodied spirit enters into the body of a living person, the diseased, if you will, state will in turn show itself or make its` self obvious through symptomalogies that are displays of obvious alteration from the previous mentality along with a very distinct group of changes. Such as the habits and the patterns of the morals and values of the previous inhabitant of that body or that individual universe, my point here, is to cure the disease, is to return the invaded entity to its normal state. Therefore, to cure, so to speak, the human being of its ignorance which is the root cause of all pain and suffering due to separation from the one, is to return to our original self not the ego self, the true self which is a self of joy, equanimity, peace, serenity, a balanced state of consciousness, if you will.


Transform sexual energy into spiritual energy.

The worship of the Great Mother is associated with the feminine aspects of Divinity. It is a spiritual science in and of itself. It is not based on mere belief and dogmas. It is practical in its development of higher awareness of our Divine Self. It is worship in perfect reverence for both the feminine and masculine power done by Her grace and Her wisdom.

The womyn is said to be the embodiment of wisdom, and the energy of consciousness. Also it is the masculine force of one’s will and perceptions. She is as I have said, nature Herself. Yes, sexual beauty is one aspect of her enjoyment; however, the worship of Her Divine Self is to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy, in other words, to experience beauty in totality within our own minds. We must experience the joy of Her beauty in our own hearts. We do this through self inquiry, self-study. This done through Yoga we experience The Divine Word. Do you see? Yoga correctly practiced is control of the senses, understanding of the mind, and meditation.


Eve and Adam: Adam was connected to the feminine.

The snake as an example of decline, according to patriarchal rule. Now, the snake or the serpent is the symbol of the rejuvenating power of nature in the religions of the Goddess. This is symbolized through the shedding of its skin. Knowledge then and now of the snake’s venom known to be healing and a bringer of death of the physical body.

In the patriarchal religions the snake is made into an evil enticer, one who is evil, sure to lead you astray from god the father and in the case of the story of Eve and Adam, Eve if you recall was the weaker one who willingly went against god the father’s rule and gave in to the serpent. Thus She is the cause of all sin, hence original sin, for disobeying Her father and corrupting poor Adam. Apparently, Adam’s connection to god the father wasn’t as powerful as his connection to the sacred feminine. It’s somewhat a question, a thought to ponder.


It is from the Sacred Feminine that the first trinity takes birth.

It is from the sacred feminine that I see the first trinity takes birth, mother, child, spirit. Mother and child remain in communion through spirit. It’s patriarchal perversion, father, son, and holy ghost. We have wounded the spirit through our separateness. The re-emergence of the sacredness of the feminine is the medicine to heal the disease of our collective psyche.

We have tangible irrefutable proof that more than 30,000 years ago the wisdom force Herself was worshiped in the many forms of the Goddess. We cannot deny it, except in effort to keep the oppressiveness of this truth deeply rooted by his-story. Archeology and science has noted human images dating as far back in history as 30,000 to 5,000 BCE, all predominately females depicting the full breasts, the fertile bellies and large round hips, all factual indication of our ancient ancestor’s reverence for the feminine as the one divine power nurturing, protecting, and sustaining them in their existence.

It was only about 4,000 years ago that patriarchy became the dominating power and rejection of the primordial feminine became the suppressing force.